Malahat Highway closure forces residents of Vancouver Island to call 911 – .

Malahat Highway closure forces residents of Vancouver Island to call 911 – .

It seems some people on Vancouver Island have no idea when to call 911.

According to E-Comm, the organization that oversees emergency communications in British Columbia, their emergency communications center on Vancouver Island is receiving an influx of 911 calls related to the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway via the Mahalat.

“We know these are extenuating circumstances, but [please] remember 9-1-1 is not an information line, ”E-Comm said in a tweet.

E-Comm also reminded people that 911 is “not an information line” but for police, fire or medical emergencies when “immediate action is required”, for example if health, safety or a person’s property is in danger or a crime is committed. progress.

In addition to making bad calls to 911, the poor judgment of some Islanders also goes beyond the phone lines.

West Shore RCMP said on Wednesday construction flaggers working along the Malahat had received “unacceptable verbal abuse” from some motorists.

“Let’s support all the teams that work by avoiding traveling on the #Malahat if you don’t have to,” West Shore RCMP said on social networks.

The main artery connecting Greater Victoria to communities north of Malahat was cut off at one point after sections filled with water and collapsed on Monday.

Night closures are in place until at least November 22, while daytime traffic is limited to “essential trips only” with vehicles alternating on a single lane for 30-minute intervals.

British Columbia has declared a state of emergency following devastating flooding that hit the mainland and parts of Vancouver Island, causing major highways to collapse or complete destruction.

Still don’t know how 911 works? You can visit which provides a guideline on when to call 911 or if you need to call a non-emergency line.

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