Magnus Carlsen vs. Ian Nepomniachtchi: 3rd game of the World Chess Championship – live!

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Hello and welcome to part 3 of the world chess championship. We’re back for a third day in a row after a pair of draws in Game 1 and Game 2 which were remarkable for longtime champion Magnus Carlsen making pawn sacrifices in exchange for long-term initiative. Either way, Ian Nepomniachtchi’s opening advantage ultimately did not hold up and he was forced to rely on precise late-game play to achieve a result.

Ian Nepomniachtchi and Magnus Carlsen played a four-and-a-half-hour, 58-stroke draw in Saturday’s second match of the 2021 World Chess Championship.

The general consensus around today’s highly anticipated third meeting is that Nepomniachtchi (who will collect white pieces) and Carlsen (playing with black) will have a real chance of securing a decisive result before the first day of rest of the Monday match.

For those of you who have just stepped aboard, Carlsen, 30, has been No.1 on the Fide table for 10 consecutive years and was considered the best player in the world even before dethroning Viswanathan Anand for the title in 2013. Nepomniachtchi, 31, is ranked No 5, having earned his place at the table by winning the Eight Candidate Tournament in April with one round to lose. It is the culmination of a rivalry that began almost two decades ago when they first met as boys at the 2002 European Under-12 Championship in Peniscola, Spain. . Notably, Nepomniachtchi enters the tilt of the title with a record of lifelong victories against Carlsen in classic matches (four wins, one lost and eight draws). This makes him unique among today’s top players, even though two of those victories came from junior championships.

The best-of-14 match is expected to take place at the Dubai Exhibition Center over the next three weeks, with the winner taking home 60% of € 2m ($ 2.26m) if the match ends within the rules (or 55% if decided by decisive games).

We’re a little over half an hour away from the first move today, so not much longer now. In the meantime, here’s our Sean Ingle interview with Carlsen earlier this week.


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