Lidl becomes UK’s highest-paid supermarket with new pay rate of £ 10.10 per hour – .

Lidl becomes UK’s highest-paid supermarket with new pay rate of £ 10.10 per hour – .

Discount grocer Lidl has raised pay rates for new shop workers to over £ 10 an hour.

Bosses said entry wages would drop from £ 9.50 to £ 10.10 an hour outside London and from £ 10.85 to £ 11.30 in the capital from March of the next year.

Long-time staff will also see their rate of pay rise to £ 11.40 and £ 12.25 outside and inside London respectively, depending on seniority.

The announcement represents a pay rise of more than six percent for some of Lidl’s 21,000 staff who are expected to receive a raise.

Staff over 23 will receive 60 pence an hour more than the national living wage.

The supermarket claimed that this means Lidl is now the highest-paid grocer in the country, adding that this was in recognition of the hard work of staff during the pandemic.

Bosses said the additional £ 18million spent by the company on new wages equals £ 50million invested in hourly wage increases over the past five years.

It follows a £ 200 bonus to all frontline workers this year, as well as £ 150 gift certificates for all staff in 2020 during the pandemic.

“At Lidl, our frontline colleagues are the backbone of our business,” said Christian Härtnagel, Managing Director of Lidl.

Announcement represents more than six percent pay rise for some of Lidl’s 21,000 staff expected to receive a raise


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“They have worked tirelessly over the past 18 months of the Covid-19 crisis and are integral to our future success.

“We have ambitious plans to grow our business in Britain, and to do that we need to make sure we attract and nurture the best talent at all levels of our business.

“This year we feel incredibly lucky to be able, as a company, to go even further by making this significant investment in our incredible workforce, which will make us the best supermarket. paid from UK. “

In June, Lidl announced plans to open dozens of new stores as part of an expansion that would also pave the way for 2,000 more jobs.

The German discounter announced the openings as part of a commitment to reach 1,000 stores by 2022.

He said £ 1.3 billion would be invested in the project, which includes the opening of 50 new stores over the next 12 months.

All new stores will also be equipped with solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles, a spokesperson added.

The grocer’s “wish list” includes more than 1,000 cities where he hopes to make rental agreements with landlords.

However, the main focus of the first 50 openings is downtown areas, inner city outskirts, business parks and metropolitan areas, Lidl said.

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