Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap “Deus Ex Latrina” – .

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 7 Episode 6 Recap “Deus Ex Latrina” – .

Lisseth Chavez, Olivia Swann, Shayan Sobhian, Caity Lotz, Nick Zano, Jes Macallan, Amy Pemberton et Adam Tsekhman jouent dans DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

Lisseth Chavez, Olivia Swann, Shayan Sobhian, Caity Lotz, Nick Zano, Jes Macallan, Amy Pemberton et Adam Tsekhman jouent dans DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow
photo: Michael Courtney/La CW

Since the 100th episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow revealed that this season’s main Big Bad / Elegant Boredom for the Legends will be Bishop, the Big Bad / Elegant Boredom of Captions‘sixth season, it was hard to shake that’ been there, cloned that ‘feeling.

“God comes out of the toilet”, « titled for reasons that become very clear in the final moments of the episode, seems keenly aware that Bishop’s nefarious return might not be the most exciting plot development for this series. So, at the center of this week’s episode, the narrative returns to Bishop, and Bishop, imbued with a new purpose now that his Gideon AI has become a thug, flips the script on his alleged artificial oppressor.

Take a moment and savor some of the irony that stems from Bishop’s revelations this week: The man in charge of the AVA company, the man who has bent artificial life forms to his will for untold time, has finally met his equal in the form of a sentient being. program. Understandably, his new role as Timebender wasn’t originally on his time-to-do list, so Bishop did to this mean version of Gideon what he did to Legends at the end of last season: he did to this mean version of Gideon. disrupted everyone’s best-worked plans. . Then, out of desperation and a new appreciation for the Legends, he bid farewell to his green drink future with a last-minute escape from the thug Waverider via a bizarre parachute toilet device. Captions!

Following Bishop and Mean-Gideon this week was, by design, a catch-up game for DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. The mystery surrounding the captain who piloted the rogue Waverider who destroyed Sara Waverider’s original recipe at the end of season six has finally been nipped in the bud (as if there was any doubt after episode 100) , just like the origins of the J Edgar Hoover-1000 and Thomas Edison-1000 killer robots. (Yes, I committed to “-1000” on “-bot” from the series, what can I say.)

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We kind of already had a good idea of ​​who was behind the Legends blockage in 1925, but “Deus Ex Latrina” decides. get out of the way and make it perfectly clear. (Now let’s take a moment and observe the cruel fate of Bishop’s trustworthy assistant, AVA, who was awarded the title of Mistress of Time only to then be blown into an airlock by Gideon, tricked into destroying AVA either by goal, either by jealousy or by a pervert mixture of the two.)

Bishop Iisn’t the only character who enjoyed a little catching up. Like the legends finally escaped the socially backward year of 1925 last week with a new recruit (albeit reluctant), we come to better understand the anxieties and ecstasies of Dr. Gwyn Davies, the bearded creator of time travel that comes to wrap the face of John Constantine and a killer Russian vocabulary. We learn a lot about Gwyn this week, how his time as a Welsh soldier in France in 1916 gave him such a pessimistic view of fate and purpose, and so we have a better idea of ​​how he might. end up functioning like a bona fide legend should favor the fate of the scientist with glasses.

“There is no fighting against the will of God, my boy,” Davies told Behrad, whose main function this week is to help boost the morale of Dr Gwyn (and, perhaps, to marking parts essential to repairing Davies’ time machine). Zari Tomaz (Zari Tarazi is still chilling in his family totem pole) is also tasked with getting to the bottom of Davies’ idiosyncrasies, who is spending some well-deserved time away from his beau Nate to help Davies get his current situation under control. confront his past.

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow
photo: Michael Courtney/La CW

Gwyn’s reaction to Sara’s relationship with Ava last week was a solid indicator that the person he thinks he’s supposed to save on the timeline is also someone he loves, who turns out to be an elder. Davies’ comrade in arms named Alun Thomas. (Alum’s tags are held on a chain around Gwyn’s neck, which he grabs in moments of great doubt and fear, further emphasizing the love that once existed between these two men.) Alun fell during the Great War on a mission with Gwyn: tasked with delivering a crucial message to their general, they instead found the enemy.

Alun’s death, not to mention the death of their entire regiment, is the galvanizing force behind Gwyn’s core belief in time travel. Without Alum’s smile or his poetry, not only would the Legends not have prayed to return to the present, but they might never have existed in the first place, not as this motley crew and certainly not as than this weird family unit.

He’s a stunning character revealed by a series regular who now operates under a new identity due to the story being told. This is another fascinating way to be surprised (and impressed!) By Legends of tomorrow, who slowly built a powerful character-centric narrative amid all its beugs and spun wheels.

But that’s not all that’s going on this week, my God, no: Nate weighs the pros and cons of getting down with Zari inside his totem pole and decides he loves her too much not to move (how this will affect the rest of the crew remains to be seen); Sara and Ava take some time apart to get their bearings (and collect squirrel carcasses for dinner); and Gary and Gideon, both new to this “human being” business, decide to shop around the gooseberries just to try it on for size. Turns out they like it, which is the most obvious and surprising turn of events this week’s episode could possibly cook up, and it’s being treated as a subplot. Did Gary and Gideon Legends’ last It-Couple? Why do I feel so agitated?

Stray observations

  • Episode MVP: Dr Gwyn Davies. Matt Ryan continues to impress in this post-Constantine era (I hate to see such days) by throwing pathos and killer Russian elocution into the fray this week. Matt is the most.
  • Best line: *Ava, regarding Gary and Gideon* “I think they fought with a gooseberry and lost. “
  • Gary: “Maybe we’ll see dinosaurs! Astra, to Gary: “You better hope we don’t see any dinosaurs, Gary.” “
  • Nate, to Astra and Spooner: “Hey, you two! Come here, shut up.
  • Gary, to Nate: “Sorry, the better the face, the harder it is for me to read. “
  • Um, where did Bishop think he was taking the AVA Assistant when he suggested it was time to get down to business?
  • I liked the way Zari, who understands Davies is from “the old days”, understands that she has to explain the concept of openness to him. It was a lovely touch and a subtle blossoming of character.
  • Gary has a superfluous third nipple. Captions!
  • Spotted: Spooner, who is helping Astra cook his campfire dinner on a stick this week. Let the shippers start their expedition!
  • Gideon’s sensors indicate that Zari used this 86’s manual transmission. The clutches are hard to figure out.
  • Speaking of Gideon: the logic of his mean version, where changing the timeline so close to a cataclysmic event such as Chernobyl has no serious ramifications due to the chaos involved, makes it look like it was ripped from Marvel’s time travel show, Loki.
  • An aside: How is Sara going to receive Bishop next week, provided he survives the last Legends time warp? These two have … luggage.
  • So what did you think of the group “Deus Ex Latrina”? Do you think the villainous Gideon is going to clone a villainous body of Gideon in the very near future? Is Bishop’s continued kerfuffle getting too… or not enough? Are we on our way to a totem pole tour in the show or is Nate demoted? Let’s taste some gooseberries in the comments below.


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