Kick-off time, TV channel and World Cup qualifying scores updates – .

Kick-off time, TV channel and World Cup qualifying scores updates – .

Gemma Grainger: “Our expectations are very high”

Wales boss Gemma Grainger has often praised the strong defensive foundation of the squad she took over in March this year, and those qualities will be more important than ever tonight.

“Of course we have to defend well in all areas and we know it will be a challenge, but we will absolutely make sure that we are fully prepared tactically so that we can deliver the game plan out of possession,” said Grainger.

“Out of possession identity is something this team has had for many years, and we wanted to build on that team foundation and we continue to do that, while also mixing the possession mix and making sure that we can win matches. “

Wales coach Gemma Grainger (Image : Agence d’images Huw Evans)

While expectations outside the camp may be low for this next game, Grainger insists players and staff are not.

“There is no discussion, we are the underdogs,” said the manager. “The expectation outside the group is that it’s a French game in France, it’s an away game for us, so the expectation may be quite low. But our expectations are very high in terms of the performance we want to achieve.

“It’s a real opportunity for us to see where we are as a team. It’s an opportunity for us to go out there and continue the shape that we had, and why wouldn’t we? Why would we change that? For me, personally, by the end of this game we’re going to know a lot about where we are on our journey.

“At the end of the game, as a team, we will know the answer to this question of where we are on this journey. What are the things that we do well? Where are the gaps?

“For us, it will always be about learning how we can improve, but also recognizing these shortcomings because France is a team that we want to play in a World Cup and in a European Championship, so these matches are the ones I look forward to. and I know the players are doing it. “


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