Keir Starmer launches top Labor reshuffle – .

Keir Starmer launches top Labor reshuffle – .

An Opinium poll earlier this month showed the ruling Conservative Party lagged behind Labor for the first time in a year, as the PM battles a rebellion by his own rear MPs -ban for his handling of the Owen Paterson case. Since then Mr Johnson has been affected by further unrest over welfare reforms and the HS2 railroad project.

In an attempt to assert his advantage, Sir Keir made a reshuffle of his top team on Monday with former Work and Pensions Secretary Yvette Cooper, tipped to return to the shadow cabinet to a managerial post.

But Sir Keir’s second reshuffle in a year risked being overshadowed by tensions with deputy Labor chief Angela Rayner, who appeared to be caught off guard by the timing of the move.
Speaking to the Institute for Government think tank Monday morning on Labor’s five-point plan to upset parliamentary norms in the wake of the Paterson affair, Ms Rayner told reporters she did not was aware of no reshuffle.
But Party officials played down suggestions that she was unaware, insisting Ms Rayner had been briefed by Sir Keir before delivering her standards speech.
Asked about reports of the reshuffle, Ms Rayner said: “I have focused on the work I do. “
During the first major change, Jo Stevens confirmed that she had stepped down from her current post as Ghost Culture Secretary to replace Llanelli MP Nia Griffith as Welsh Shadow Secretary.
“It has been a privilege to work closely with extremely talented people in the DCMS industry, the fastest growing before the pandemic and one of the hardest hit,” she said on Twitter.
“I want to continue the great work of my friend @NiaGriffithMP in the new job. “
Meanwhile, Cat Smith, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood, announced that she would step down as shadow secretary of state for youth and democracy and return to the backbench.


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