Keane quotes Rashford in furious row with Carragher over Ronaldo role – .

Keane quotes Rashford in furious row with Carragher over Ronaldo role – .

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher nearly exploded after a furious row over Cristiano Ronaldo’s role at Manchester United threatened to spill over after Sunday’s game at Stamford Bridge.
Ronaldo was brought back to the club over the summer from Juventus in a high-profile transfer. And his goal-scoring instinct remains very strong despite the veteran striker who turned 37 in February. However, his inability to play a high press has been blamed by some, including this expert, for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who was sacked.

Now under the interim leadership of Michael Carrick, he caused a stir by leaving Ronaldo on the bench at Stamford Bridge.

Indeed, the new interim boss Ralf Rangnick is considered the ‘Sponsorship of the counter-press’. To this end, the salary he will earn and the compensation United will pay has been revealed in a report.

However, Ronaldo’s role on the team in the weeks and months to come seems to be an area of ​​fascinating debate.

After he was left on the bench on Sunday, Keane and Carragher had a furious disagreement over the Portuguese superstar.

“Ronaldo is not the type to leave the bench,” Keane said. “Ronaldo did not come back to sit on the bench. His overall game, he knew the referee was going to whistle. Why Carrick is trying to give him a high five, I don’t know. Let him go down the tunnel.

“There’s nothing wrong with a player being upset, but Ronaldo didn’t come back and sit on the bench. He’s a world-class player. The idea that Ronaldo will shut down people, he’s not. But sometimes you have to bypass the superstar.

Ronaldo could face a regular role on the bench

“I played with players who are not doing their part, you hope, the Cantonas of the world but you forgive him because they will score and win the matches. He could have played easily.

Carragher believes Ronaldo can be a replacement more often under Rangnick.

“I think Rangnick won’t be a problem putting Ronaldo on the bench, but I don’t think that idea of ​​Ronaldo playing every minute is fair,” Carragher said.

“I think by going for big games I can understand why Carrick didn’t start him. He is 36 years old. Ronaldo isn’t the player he was but I don’t think it should be a big story if he doesn’t start every game.

Keane: “Ronaldo, if you run into him in the parking lot you see a guy who’s won everything come back to lift the club – of course he wants to play in these games.

“Not everyone has played 800 games in their career. If you watch United today you still think if Ronaldo is on the pitch, if the ball falls on everyone in world football, even at 36, it’s Ronaldo. It’s not like he didn’t score and he wasn’t interested, he’s on the spot but then he gets blamed for the high press.

“He hasn’t been in a hurry for five or six years. He’s not going to fix United’s problem but you don’t bring Ronaldo back to sit on the bench.

Solskjaer’s favorite threatened as Rangnick targets high-energy star as Man Utd’s first signing

Comparison between Rashford and Ronaldo made by Keane

“Do you think Rashford rushed today?” He didn’t do anything today. Stats have taken the world by storm – his United return stats are good. “

Carragher: “It’s a phenomenon in terms of goals. But I mentioned it mid-week. PSG signed Messi and United signed Ronaldo. Are United any closer to the title? No. Are PSG closer to the Champions League with Messi? No. “

Keane: “Ronaldo was never going to bring United back to titles. “

Carragher: “So what’s the point of signing it then ?! He is 37 years old!

Carragher: “You finish second and sign Ronaldo at 36, you’re not going to win the championship in four years. If you sign someone at 36, it’s to win right away. If you sign Varane, quadruple winner of the Champions League, it is to win immediately. Are they any closer to winning the league?

Keane: “No. He didn’t come back to win the championship.

Carragher: “So why did he come back ?! Why is he here then?

Keane: “For the cups. “

Carragher: “Is that where Man United are now?” “

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