Karol G falls down the stairs during a concert in Miami: “Everything hurts” – .

Karol G falls down the stairs during a concert in Miami: “Everything hurts” – .

Karol G is recovering from a fall on the stairs during his huge concert in Miami this weekend (November 26).
The Colombian reggaeton star was playing a huge title at the FTX Arena in the city of Florida.

The singer performed the concert on a stage with a large staircase. As the pictures show – which you can watch below – at one point in the show she tried to go down the stairs but fell.

“All my nails broke, I think my knee broke. Everything hurts, ”she told the crowd in Spanish later in the show to huge applause.

“After filling this arena for the first time in my life… I wanted it to be perfect,” she added.

See the fall and the following speech below:

Earlier this year, Karol G spoke to NME for an In Conversation video interview on her new album ‘KG0516’, in collaboration with Nicki Minaj and her acting aspirations

“One day, I noticed Nicki Minaj was following me on Instagram, and she started leaving comments on my photos,” Karol told NME about the genesis of her collaboration with the rap star.

She revealed that she then texted Minaj. “I was like, ‘I admire you so much, you are a great inspiration to everyone, let’s do a collaboration. And I was surprised that she said yes!

“This is one of the most special collaborations of my life because it’s so surprising,” she said.

Watch the full video interview above.


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