Kanye West reveals what ‘woman’ Kim Kardashian really thought of her MAGA hat – .

Kanye West reveals what ‘woman’ Kim Kardashian really thought of her MAGA hat – .

According to the hip-hop mogul, Kim Kardashian West was not too happy with Kanye West’s wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap during the rapper’s ill-fated run for president in 2020.
“God damn my wife didn’t like me wearing the red hat,” the artist, now Ye, revealed in a video titled “Thanksgiving Prayer” he shared on Instagram on Thursday.

Kardashian West “wanted to protect me and our family,” West said, but he made her “a target by not aligning with Hollywood’s political stance and it was difficult for our marriage.”

West’s candidacy for president “embarrassed” Kardashian West because of “the way I presented information about our family in the one and, thank goodness, the only press conference,” he said. he adds.

West referred to Kardashian West as a “woman” throughout the video.

The couple filed for divorce in February, but West reiterated his hopes for reconciliation earlier this week. Kardashian West is rumored to be dating “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson.

West donned a MAGA cap during his self-funded and ultimately failed bid to win the White House, even stating that it made him “feel like Superman” during a wild 2018 exchange with the then president, Donald Trump.

Trump and West pounced on each other throughout the Premier’s presidency until the musician said in a somewhat contradictory interview in July 2020 that he was “taking off the red hat.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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