Julie Bishop says Australian diplomacy was ‘missing’ in fallout with France – .

Julie Bishop says Australian diplomacy was ‘missing’ in fallout with France – .

Ms Bishop said the ‘tit-for-tat’ between the two countries was now becoming ‘the most difficult and I think the only way to clear the air is for Australian and French officials to give full disclosure’.
She said the two countries had to define the “timetable of who was informed of what and when”.

“But I suspect Australia kept the UKUS announcement from France, in fact I’m sure they did, but the question of how we reneged on the sub’s contract is unfortunate. She said.

“It was a huge contract for France.

“And let’s face it, we were the ones who said we couldn’t take nuclear powered submarines. “

She said it was important to remember that France was forced to upgrade its nuclear-powered submarines to diesel-electric at Australia’s request.

“If you put yourself in Macron’s shoes, he might well have the right to say: ‘Alright, if the diesel submarines were no longer fit for purpose, why not ask us to bid for pennies? -nuclear navies because France has them? ‘.

“I think the decision to have nuclear powered submarines is the right decision, that’s just how it happened.

“The other thing is: I don’t think we need to double up against the French. I think we should be working overtime to mend the relationship and rebuild the trust that they say is clearly gone. “

She said the AUKUS deal “makes sense” given Australia’s deep relationship with Britain and the United States.
“I have always supported the idea of ​​forming as many alliances, partnerships and close relationships as it makes sense for Australia, and it is clear that we already have a close relationship with the United States,” he said. she declared. “It is the cornerstone of our foreign policy. They are not only our largest foreign investor, but they are also our main ally in strategic defense intelligence. “

“The British relationship is on a very positive trajectory after BREXIT. “


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