Jorgie Porter reveals she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage with quadruplets – .

Jorgie Porter reveals she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage with quadruplets – .

Jorgie Porter has revealed she miscarried with quadruplets.

The former Hollyoaks star, 33, admitted she couldn’t see motherhood in her future two years ago.

But it seems the actress changed her mind when she found out earlier this year that she was expecting babies with real estate developer Ollie Piotrowski, 32.

The couple recently went through a heartbreaking time as she miscarried with four babies in August.

Jorgie says the devastating loss brought them closer together after testing their relationship.

She told Fabulous magazine in her first interview since their loss, “If we can get through this, we can get through anything. ”

Jorgie Porter was pregnant with quadruplets

The soap opera star also shared that she wasn’t convinced she wanted to be a mom when she first arrived with Ollie, but seven months later that all changed.

Jorgie continued, “Ollie said he could see himself having kids with me, and that was a great moment, because I felt like I absolutely wanted kids with him too.

“I remember driving to work thinking, ‘I want to stop taking the pill. I had been dating him for less than a year, but I knew I wanted him to be the father of my children. “

She didn’t see herself becoming a mother two years ago


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The soap star has changed her mind



At the time, she stopped taking her birth control pill and even bought an ovulation monitoring kit to determine her most fertile time.

A few weeks later, Jorgie found out she was pregnant.

“I took a pregnancy test and when it came back positive, Ollie and I were knocked out for six,” Jorgie explained. “We ended up doing four tests in one night to be absolutely sure – we even went to Tesco at midnight to buy one! My “period” turned out to be implantation bleeding. . ”

The TV star began to experience symptoms of pregnancy, joking that her breasts “swelled” overnight.

She detailed her devastating experience



She still hopes to be a mom someday



She added, “I also felt very irritable and didn’t want Ollie to touch me. I’m generally not hormonal and I’m not in a bad mood at my time of the month, so that wasn’t my character. I felt like I was. become crazy. “

Jorgie was then told to make an urgent appointment at the Royal Bolton Hospital, where she found out she was expecting quadruplets.

She said she was excited to raise four babies and began to visualize “our own mini soccer team or girl group”.

At around 14 weeks old, Jorgie was heartbroken to discover that there was no sign of life in any of the embryo sacs.

The quadruplets had died in a missed miscarriage, when the body did not recognize the pregnancy loss or expel the pregnancy tissue. In some cases, the placenta continues to release hormones, so the symptoms of pregnancy persist despite the lack of life.

She said that after the miscarriage, nurses gave her a care package containing four tiny teddy bears.

“One for every lost baby,” she said.

Jorgie Porter


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Jorgie says the loss of their baby has helped her get closer to Ollie.

She said: “Of course I shed tears. I felt pain thinking, “We would have had this,” she said. It was a grieving process, but only because I had dared to imagine living with them in it. “

She hopes that sharing her story will bring comfort, support and understanding to other women who have been through the same thing.

Despite the heartbreaking experience, Jorgie and Ollie still hope to become parents one day.

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