JoJo Siwa is holding back nothing about her relationship breakers and how she copes with a breakup – .

JoJo Siwa is holding back nothing about her relationship breakers and how she copes with a breakup – .

Jojo Siwa pulls the curtain when it comes to her love life.
The Siwas Dance Pop Revolution star, who was in a relationship with his girlfriend Kylie Prew for nine months before they decided to quit in October, explained how she’s coping with her grief, break-ups and more in an exclusive interview with E! New’ The summary.

When asked how she got along with her and the separation from Kylie, JoJo held true by saying, “I don’t know why I needed this, but I needed sympathy when I was crossing over. my breakup and my grief. “

“I just needed to validate that what I was feeling was real and validate that what was missing was real and validate that feeling empty inside and feeling like I had lost something was real,” she continued. “But that things were going to be okay was also real. “

The 18-year-old social media sensation admitted that the music also triggered some emotions after her relationship ended.

JoJo Siwa through the years

JoJo remembered a moment when she burst into tears with her Dancing with the stars partner, Jenna Johnson.

“One day Jenna played ‘All I Ask’ [by Adele] on the drive home from a spray tan, ”explained JoJo,“ and I was sobbing because that was pretty much how my relationship ended. “

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Although the Dance Moms alum did not disclose if she plans to be single for a while, her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, underlined the qualities she hopes for her daughter’s future partner.

“I need JoJo’s partner to know who Joe is and not try to change her and try to take away what she’s done,” Jessalynn said. “I need them to embrace him and live their best life with JoJo. “

The reality TV star agreed with her mom and also revealed what her relationship breakers are. Hint: these are “little things”.

“You don’t have to think drinking milk is weird because I love milk,” JoJo noted. “You don’t have to think the ranch is gross because I love the ranch. Pickles. We love pickles, mushrooms. “

She added, “I hate lipstick, but what I realize is that depending on the person, I don’t think lipstick would bother me. I don’t think I would. “

JoJo also said that when it comes to watching a movie with her partner, she isn’t the type to decide on the movie. But here’s the kicker: “Neither can you,” she shared. “It’s a decision by mutual agreement. “

As to why this is a deal-breaker? The teenager explained, “I was in a relationship once, it was my first boyfriend, we just sat there, no hugs, we just sat there and watched the movie. And the movie was Avatar, which lasts four hours. I’ll never watch a movie someone else wants to watch again. It’s four hours of my life. What can I do right now? So many things. “


Despite his rule, JoJo admitted that his “dream” date was to “cuddle and watch a movie”.

“That’s all I need,” she says. “If you want to scratch my back… marry me, that’s all I want.” I don’t need a lot of things… I am in good health. I’m pure and I love it and want to stay that way. . “

She continued, “I believe things should be waited for until you are old and mature and understand things better… I like being young and fun, and having a good time, but also having a good time. safe and not doing things 18 year olds are not supposed to do. “

To learn more about this interview, see The summary on Snapchat. Plus, take a closer look at JoJo’s life on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, which is now airing on Peacock.


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