“Jetpack man” at LAX could have been a balloon – .

“Jetpack man” at LAX could have been a balloon – .

TORONTO – After more than a year, the Los Angeles mystery surrounding ‘the jetpack man’ is about to be resolved after new evidence released by the FBI suggests it may be be a balloon from the start.

Since last year, there have been several sightings of what appears to be a man flying in a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport. Two airplane pilots first reported the sighting in August 2020.

“We just ran into a guy on a jetpack,” said one pilot at the air traffic control tower in a recording from the time.

“You don’t hear that every day! the controller responded.

Another pilot reported seeing the alleged jetpacker near the airport in October 2020. The pilots reported two more sightings last December and July, respectively.

This mysterious jetpacker seen flying over southern California worried pilots, didn’t know if it was a threat or a thrill seeker, and baffled investigators.

But behind the scenes, the FBI was investigating the reports and this week released a chopper video showing the clearest footage to date.

In the video, this mysterious jetpacker appears to be a giant balloon effigy of Jack Skellington’s character from the 1993 Tim Burton film “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Authorities believe the giant balloon figure broke away from a house near Beverly Hills and floated to freedom before meeting his disappearance.

“The FAA worked closely with the FBI to investigate every reported jetpack sighting. So far, none of these observations have been verified. One working theory is that pilots might have seen balloons, ”the Federal Aviation Authority told CTV News in a statement. .


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