It’s not too late to punish Andrew Cuomo for his Covid atrocities – .

It’s not too late to punish Andrew Cuomo for his Covid atrocities – .

According to the assembly report, the administration went to great lengths to ensure that only nursing home residents who died from Covid-19 in nursing homes were counted – residents who died in others. facilities were not counted as nursing home deaths, which deflates the number, although it is highly likely that many of them contracted the virus in their residences before dying at different medical facilities. Nationally, more than 170,000 nursing home patients have died during the pandemic – the Covid Tracking Project has estimated that one in ten nursing home residents have died from the virus – and more have died in New York than in any other state. While the actual number of nursing home deaths is still a mystery, an investigation by the state attorney general’s office in January found that “published data on nursing homes reflected and may have been under- estimated up to 50% ”, suggesting that the figure could be over 15,000.
The decision to do so has been the subject of “multiple discussions” between Cuomo and his staff, suggesting a cover-up intentionally designed to fend off growing criticism, particularly from the right. That this happened while the governor was working on a book posing as a leader in the fight against the pandemic is particularly glaring. Cuomo has repeatedly presented these critiques as a right-wing bashing work But that doesn’t change the larger problem: he and his administration have deliberately sought to mislead the public about these deaths and they have done so for despicable political reasons. “The evidence obtained during our investigation shows that although the [Department of Health] The report was released under the auspices of the DOH, it was extensively reviewed by the Executive Chamber and primarily intended to combat criticism of former Governor Cuomo’s directive that nursing homes should readmit residents who had received a diagnosis of COVID-19, ”the report concludes.

The Assembly report has reignited impeachment talks, although Cuomo’s stepping down makes that prospect unlikely. Nonetheless, given the seriousness of the allegations and the fact that they have now been repeatedly corroborated, there is a strong case for action to hold the former governor to account. “The impeachment process, I don’t believe, is just removing someone from office,” Democratic MP Angelo Santabarbara told Spectrum News. “It’s also rejecting that behavior, rejecting what this governor was doing and using his office for. We also need to lead by example here.

Either way, the elderly care industry should be given more consideration, both within New York City and across the country in general. media. But Andrew Cuomo has still largely escaped blame for what could be his administration’s biggest scandal.


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