Israel, France to “quietly” deal with NSO spyware, Israeli official says – .

Israel, France to “quietly” deal with NSO spyware, Israeli official says – .

Israeli Prime Minister and French President have agreed to deal with Pegasus spyware scandal ‘quietly’

  Le téléphone de Macron figurait sur une liste de cibles potentielles pour la surveillance utilisant le logiciel Pegasus par le Maroc [Getty]</p><div><p>Le Premier ministre israélien Naftali Bennett a convenu avec le président français Emmanuel Macron que l'utilisation abusive présumée d'un logiciel espion développé par une entreprise israélienne, y compris contre Macron, serait traitée "discrètement", a déclaré lundi un responsable israélien.

Israel has investigated whether the Pegasus software from cyber-company NSO Group, which can hack phones and, according to the company, is intended for law enforcement and controlled intelligence agencies, has been abused globally. The Israeli Defense Ministry oversees exports of offensive cyber tools such as Pegasus.

In July, several international media organizations reported that Pegasus had been used to hack smartphones belonging to journalists, human rights activists and government officials in several countries.

NSO dismissed the reports, saying they were “full of flawed assumptions and unsubstantiated theories.” Pegasus was intended for use only by government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism and crime, NSO said.

Macron’s phone was on a list of potential targets for surveillance using Pegasus software by Morocco, French newspaper The world reported. Morocco has denied the allegation and said it does not own Pegasus.

Macron called for an investigation.

Bennett and Macron met in Glasgow during the United Nations climate conference and discussed global challenges, with Iran’s nuclear program at the top of the list, Bennett’s office said.

An Israeli diplomatic official, who declined to be identified, said the ONS issue had also been discussed.

“It was agreed between the leaders that the subject will continue to be treated with discretion and professionalism, and in a spirit of transparency between the two parties,” said the official.



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