iOS 15.2 Beta 2 Changes and Features [Video] – .

iOS 15.2 Beta 2 Changes and Features [Video] – .

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Apple released the second developer beta for iOS 15.2 yesterday and it contains several notable improvements. New is support for Hide My Email directly in the default Mail app, as well as the return of Legacy Contacts, which first appeared in the initial beta of iOS 15 released at WWDC. Watch our how-to video as we discuss the major changes and features in iOS 15.2 Beta 2, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5mac on YouTube for more walkthroughs.

Legacy contact

What happens to your digital legacy after you die? What about all your photos, notes, videos, documents and other personal information? That’s the question Apple is looking to answer with the rollout of its new Legacy Contact feature in iOS 15.2.

The Legacy Contact feature is basically a way to give your trusted family and friends access to your data in the unfortunate event of your death. Legacy contacts, which must be pre-approved, can access and download your account data.

Video: iOS 15.2 Changes and Features

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Setting up a legacy contact is pretty straightforward. Just go to Settings → Apple ID → Password & Security → Legacy Contact, and then select Add Legacy Contact. From there, you can add someone you trust to have access to your account data after your death. The Legacy Contact feature allows you to share the required passkey with your contact, which will allow them to submit a request for your data through Apple’s “Digital Legacy” web page.

In order to access your data after your death, the inherited contact must provide the access key, be able to verify your date of birth and provide a death certificate. In other words, Apple will not accept any arbitrary request for user data. Be sure to watch the embedded video walkthrough above for a full step-by-step demonstration of the Legacy Contact feature.

Hide my email in the default email app

Hide My Email is a handy feature for iCloud + subscribers. It allows you to keep your personal email address private by creating a unique and random address which is forwarded to your personal email address and can be deleted at any time.

Until iOS 15.2 Beta 2, you could create a Hide My Email Address via Settings → iCloud → Hide My Email, via Safari when establishing a new website connection, or when logging in to a website. use of the connection with Apple.

In iOS 15.2 Beta 2, Apple takes the next logical step and lets you invoke Hide My Email directly from the default Mail app. When composing a new email, just tap the From and select Hide my email to create a random address that redirects it to your real personal inbox.

The cool thing about using Hide My Email through the Mail app is that each random email address directly matches a single recipient address. Once created, this address and recipient combination is stored in Hide My Email preferences in Settings → iCloud. Since each Hide My Email address is linked to a specific recipient, only one recipient per email is allowed when using the feature.

Find updates to my AirTag

The Find My app has the ability to proactively search for unknown trackers who might be following you, without having to wait for Apple’s Item Safety Alerts feature to trigger. This is useful to prevent the use of AirTags in an unscrupulous manner, nobody without their knowledge. A new Articles that can follow me The option, located under the Items tab of Find My App, allows users to force discovery of nearby items such as AirTags.

As Apple notes, objects can only be discovered if they are not within range of their owner’s device, which can be up to 50 meters away. This prevents users from receiving false alarms when others nearby, maybe even friends or family, have AirTags they have on them. Apple also indicated that in some situations it may take an additional 15 minutes to discover legitimately unknown AirTags.

As noted in 9to5Mac’s previous what’s new in iOS 15.2 beta 2 post, Apple also updated the verbiage for what was previously called Identify the element found under the Articles tab. In iOS 15.2 beta 2, the feature is now called Help with the return of lost items instead of.

Updating the TV app for iPad

Finally, the iPad TV app has been updated in iPadOS 15.2 beta 2. Gone is the bottom bar in favor of a collapsible sidebar containing all relevant media destinations, such as Watch Now, Originals, and Library. Users will also be happy to find a direct link to the Movies & TV Shows store located in the sidebar.


iOS 15.2 is a standout release with several useful features like Hide My Email built into the Mail app, Digital Legacy, improved AirTags features, and an updated TV app for iPad. While we are probably several beta cycles away from an actual release, I look forward to the public availability of iOS 15.2.

What do you think of the new changes and features in iOS 15.2 beta 2? Sound off below with your comments.

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