India risks Covid-19 complacency after vaccination campaign – .

India risks Covid-19 complacency after vaccination campaign – .

This may be good news for the world, but at home, health experts warn the government must remain vigilant. Health workers are struggling to persuade millions of people to come back for a second dose.

The vaccination rate has dropped sharply from its peak on Mr. Modi’s birthday in September, when 25 million doses were administered, and now totals around three million per day. India has yet to administer over 700 million blows to meet its year-end target, which at the current rate looks increasingly unlikely unless India can repeat the anniversary feat by Mr. Modi several times.

“There is a reluctance to go for the second dose because the community thinks, ‘do we really need it now? “Said Dr Jacob John, a public health doctor in Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The makeshift groups the government hired to carry out the vaccination campaign, he added, were not designed for a sustained campaign.

Delays could open up opportunities for a new knock variant or for reflux immunity. Recent serologic prevalence surveys, which measure antibodies that form in response to infection or a vaccine, show that some of India’s largest cities, including the capital New Delhi, report up to 90% antibodies.


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