India and China push back fossil fuels – .

India and China push back fossil fuels – .

Alok Sharma, president of COP26, has now opened the plenary session of politicians around the world, trying to rally them to a final deal before dark.
He told delegates the time had come to “come to a conclusion” and said he hoped the draft text would take into account the views of nearly 200 countries.

“You all know the nature of these negotiations,” he said. “As the Presidency, we have indeed had to take into account and balance the views of almost 200 parties. “

For the deal to be concluded, it needs the signatures of all countries involved in the COP process, a point noted by Sharma.

“However, I hope you share my view that these latest iterations taken together represent the full, ambitious and balanced set of results that you have collectively requested,” he said.

“They go. . . raise the importance of avoiding, minimizing loss and damage, including through strengthened institutional arrangements.

He tried to adjourn for further talks, but not before several parties raised their hands to speak, leading Guinea, closely followed by China and Tanzania, and India, before that the dam does not break over his controversial statement, and that dozens of other nations decide to take the opportunity to speak.

Sharma said representatives could make statements this afternoon, but urged them to avoid “general statements” and only make speeches on the final text.

He said everyone in the room knew that collectively their climate action had so far “failed to deliver on the promises made in Paris” at that summit six years ago.

“These texts recognize this and offer a clear answer. Many will ask that this answer go even further, but those decisions, I believe, are set out. . . clear steps to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, ”he said.

“They are guided by equity and common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capacities of different national circumstances. “

The issues debated in Glasgow “have eluded us for too long,” said Sharma.


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