illegal immigrants Great Britain migrants boats human traffickers France police Proti Patel | Express commentary

illegal immigrants Great Britain migrants boats human traffickers France police Proti Patel | Express commentary

The EU’s insistence on involving the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has shown us how far we still have to go until a full Brexit is actually delivered. Last night Lord Frost had another face-to-face meeting with European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič in Brussels. However, as expected, we did not see any concrete results. Understandably, Lord Frost issued a statement Thursday and Friday evening rejecting the EU’s claims of eminent reasonableness and made it clear that the UK’s position has not changed on the red lines it has. itself spelled out in July in its command document, which the EU largely ignored.

However, when we look at reality, the UK government has backed down, declaring that any triggering of Article 16 is not imminent. Meanwhile, the people of Northern Ireland and all businesses that do business with the province will continue to be left in limbo, with no certainty or ability to plan for the future.
Ahead of Friday’s meeting, Mr Šefčovič, as usual, tried to blame the UK for the problems in Northern Ireland, saying they are caused by the type of Brexit being pursued by the UK.

What utter nonsense.

To quote former Prime Minister Theresa May (even if she didn’t believe it), “Brexit Means Brexit”. There is no such thing as a “Soft” or “Hard Brexit” – the UK has chosen to leave the EU and that means leaving every part of it.

All that really seems to be happening is that both sides are constantly fighting public relations battles to control the narrative, rather than really focusing on negotiations – and no doubt huge sums of taxpayer dollars. are spent to transport negotiating teams back and forth between London and Brussels. .

To further demonstrate how ridiculous the current situation is, the EU confirmed last week that it will not allow the UK to move young oak trees from Britain to plant in Northern Ireland for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year.

Moreover, as the EU continues to try to impose European Court of Justice control over this country via Northern Ireland, as well as to block the movement of some goods from Britain to the Northern Ireland, British fishermen have still not seen a resolution to their disputes with French fishing vessels over license numbers.
As it is, in the new year we will be revisiting the threats from last month, as the Jersey temporary fishing licenses issued in October will expire.

Annick Girardin, the French Minister for the Sea, said this week: “It is quite obvious that Jersey is not respecting the Brexit agreement. Worse, it shows a lack of will to cooperate with us.

This fishing fight is not over yet, and the government must ensure that we are prepared to deal with further threats of power cuts or trade shutdowns.

Then, of course, we come to the ongoing migrant crisis, which last week saw a record number of people crossing the Channel from France – including more than 1,100 on Thursday, November 11 alone.

The French police just watch the migrants rush into their canoes as Priti Patel sends more and more of our money.

French President Emmanuel Macron said this week that he had never agreed to stop all illegal crossings. So what the hell did he agree to – and if he didn’t, what are we paying for?

We’ve already handed over £ 160million to France since 2015 to reduce these crossings, including £ 56million this year – but the numbers are reaching new heights every year. The French continue to demand more and more money from UK taxpayers to cover the cost of, well, what?

We can all understand that there are occasional boats that are successful, but right now the French are clearly failing in every aspect of the job. This week, French police emptied a migrant camp near Dunkirk, only for the migrants to simply move to the adjacent field and get back in place! It’s just ridiculous.

On top of all this, we have seen how desperately we need to reform our deportation process, as Home Secretary Tom Pursglove admitted that only FIVE illegal migrants have been deported out of the 23,000 who have crossed over. the border in the past 12 months!

The UK government has reportedly considered sending migrants to Albania for treatment, at a cost of around £ 100,000 per migrant. However, this idea has now been rejected by the Albanian government.

I ask how the Home Office can afford to think about spending all that money on accommodation and flights – when the government cannot guarantee the promised triple-lock pension, potentially forcing many retirees into poverty during the winter ?


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