Huge amount of fakes and edible weeds found during the Oxford Street raids – .

Huge amount of fakes and edible weeds found during the Oxford Street raids – .

Trading Standards and police seized 11,000 dangerous or illegal goods in Thursday’s raid (Photo: PA) n:

Police found an “astounding” amount of counterfeit designer goods and illegal items during pre-Christmas raids on Oxford Street.

More than 17,500 items were confiscated as part of the multi-agency Operation Jade, which saw four souvenir and confectionery shops raided Thursday night on popular central London street.

Trade standards officers seized 11,000 goods, including dangerous toys, counterfeit clothing and mislabeled, high nicotine nicotine products.

Police confiscated two bags of food containing more than the legal allowable limit of THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Meanwhile, other staff seized 4,000 items sold by an unregistered food business operator.

Some 2,500 souvenirs were taken from unregistered businesses and illegal street vendors.

Health and safety officers served three notices for hazardous electrical products and poor safety standards on the premises.

Heather Acton, Westminster City Council Cabinet Member for Communities and Regeneration, said: “Oxford Street is the main street in the country, our shoppers should be able to trust the products they buy in the city are as described ” on the box ” .

“The quantity and variety of goods seized by our officers is astonishing. Many of these products are dangerous and certainly unhealthy.

“From cheap knockoffs of trendy products to mislabelled tobacco and even psychoactive substances, it’s critical that we protect customers and get these products off the shelves.

“This Christmas is a defining moment for many street stores, and vetting retailers will support legitimate businesses and protect the West End’s reputation as a premier destination for shoppers. “

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