How Geoff Molson’s bold compromise brought Jeff Gorton to Montreal – the athletic – .

How Geoff Molson’s bold compromise brought Jeff Gorton to Montreal – the athletic – .

The title is officially Executive Vice President, Hockey Operations. Now is not the time for semantics, but Canadiens owner Geoff Molson hires Jeff Gorton to fill that specific role, with that specific title is significant to many. regards.

First of all, Molson did not go back on his belief that Canadians do not need a president of hockey operations, his belief that Canadians already have a president and don’t need him. ‘another.

Gorton was not hired as president of hockey operations, so that holds true.

What Gorton was hired instead, his official title, is actually the first half of what was previously the title of Marc Bergevin, who was both executive vice president and general manager. Presumably, one is higher than the other, and that’s what Gorton was hired for.

Again, semantic, but significant, because what is clear from this title is that although he was not appointed president of hockey operations and was not appointed general manager, Gorton is in Montreal to run the hockey department, which is basically what a GM does.

This is important because Gorton does not speak French, and Molson has made it clear – both externally and internally – that the Habs GM, as long as he is in charge, will be able to communicate with the fans. of the team in its own way. Tongue. This will apparently remain the case, because again, Gorton is not the CEO, and when a CEO is hired, he will be able to communicate in both official languages.


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