How Brent’s Covid Cases Compare to the November 2020 Lockdown – .

How Brent’s Covid Cases Compare to the November 2020 Lockdown – .

A year ago, Brent was placed under Covid Level 2 restrictions in an attempt to protect the NHS from a possible surge in patient numbers.

But although there is now a higher incidence of Covid cases in the borough – compared to last fall – there have been no suggestions of additional restrictions to ease the pressure on health services.

In October last year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented plans for a second lockdown – saying ‘we must be humble in the face of nature’.

These restrictions began on November 5.

As a new wave of Covid sweeps across Europe this winter, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said booster vaccines are the best way to protect people and reduce pressure on the NHS.

He added that the government “continues to monitor a wide range of data to ensure the country remains protected.”

What is the difference in the Brent infection rate?

In the week ending November 19 of last year, Brent was treating 207.7 cases of Covid per 100,000 people, with 685 cases reported that week.

The latest figures for the week ending Nov. 19 show 282 cases per 100,000 people, with 902 total cases last week.

How many people are hospitalized?

As of November 16, 2020, 133 beds were occupied by Covid patients in London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust hospitals.

The trust – which operates Northwick Park Hospital, Central Middlesex Hospital, St Marks Hospital and Ealing Hospital – was treating 130 patients on average over the previous seven days.

As of November 16, 2021, 82 beds were occupied by Covid patients.

This is the most recent data available and reflects the fact that the number of hospitalized patients with coronavirus has declined significantly this year.

How many people die from Covid?

The number of deaths in comparison between November 2020 and 2021 is broadly similar.

There were no more than two deaths per day in Brent in November 2020, which has remained the case in data collected so far for November 2021.

How many people are vaccinated?

The percentage of Covid vaccinations in first and second dose in Brent
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As of November 20, 61.7 percent of Brent residents had received their first dose of a Covid vaccine, while 54.8 percent had received a double injection.


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