Hospital in London, Ont. Now Accepting COVID-19 Patients from Saskatchewan – .

Hospital in London, Ont. Now Accepting COVID-19 Patients from Saskatchewan – .

Saskatchewan COVID-19 patients who need intensive care can now get support in London, Ont.
The London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) told CBC News it had received fewer than five intensive care patients from the province, which reported 851 deaths on Sunday.

COVID-19 in Saskatchewan: Province reaches 851 deaths, highest month reported for deaths

The hospital will continue to be available to provide additional support as directed by the Ontario COVID Intensive Care Command Center, said Dr. Adam Dukelow, Chief Medical Officer of the LHSC.

“I don’t have specific numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised if we admit more patients from Saskatchewan but I can’t be specific,” he said, adding that none were expected in the next days.

The painful, impersonal reality of COVID-19 transfers from Saskatchewan to Ontario

“The COVID Critical Command table re-evaluates this every day and works directly with the province of Saskatchewan and its health system. “

New vaccination policies

On Monday, the hospital implemented new vaccination policies to protect its staff and vulnerable patients.

Patients on an organ transplant waiting list must have received both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. Those who have not been fully immunized will be put on hold until they have received both doses or their exemptions are approved by their healthcare team.

The LHSC requires that all non-essential care partners present their proof of vaccination along with their photo ID upon entry. (AP Photo / Matilde Campodonico) (Matilde Campodonico/The Associated Press)

The LHSC has also implemented a new “partner in care policy” which requires all non-essential care partners to present proof of vaccination before entering premises.

Exceptions to this policy include essential care partners, such as those accompanying women in labor, or parents bringing their children to appointments. The policy also does not apply to hospital patients.

The MLHU reported 14 new cases of COVID-19 and no new deaths on Monday.


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