Home Sweet Home Alone is one of the worst movies ever made – .

Home Sweet Home Alone is one of the worst movies ever made – .


Alone at home is a classic, and while there were sequels when Disney announced they would be releasing a new franchise movie on Disney +, skepticism was high. Then when the trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone was released, it calmed down a bit, giving way to a sense of optimism that they might honor the original in ways never before even seen in Home alone 2. Well, it is not. This new movie is arguably one of the worst movies ever to be made, for a variety of reasons.

Don’t Look At This, Pretend Home Sweet Home Alone Doesn’t Exist

This new film in the franchise has one of the dumbest storylines in a movie in a long time, one that could fall apart if a character said a phrase to himself. When Max (Archie Yates) is left alone by his family when they go on vacation to Tokyo, he is “obliged” to defend himself and his house against “burglars” (She Kemper & Rob Delaney) trying to get an expensive doll they think they stole so they can sell it on eBay and save their house.

Right off the bat, all of the characters here are terrible. Max is an atrocious little boy, greedy and without a hint of charm to be found. At no point does he learn why his behavior is terrible, and Yates had it all wrong for that. I loved him in JoJo Rabbitt, but he was a big miss in the cast. Kemper and Delaney go to great lengths, but the script betrays them every moment. Why they felt the need to give us these two parallel stories of a lonely child and a couple trying to save their home is a baffling decision. And then watching them go through what they’re doing, being tortured by that devil’s child when they just have to say, “Hey, we just want our doll” instead of breaking in, is an exasperating experience. Harry and Marv are real bad people in the first Home Alone, so we love to see them get their reward. Not the case here; you just want the madness to stop.

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There are, of course, nods and nods to this original film, including a role for the adult Buzz, who is the worst kind of cop right now. Kevin now runs a home security business, although we never see him. Musical clues are the most obnoxious reminder that you should watch the original Alone at home instead of this nonsense. They swell for all the same times they did in Alone at home, yet they make you feel empty because you hate everyone on the screen. Weird subplots are created and removed. And the whole thing looks cheap even though there is a budget used here. Some of the weird nature of the valley of the obvious CGI shots of actors and backgrounds is very off-putting and makes you nauseous. Even my nine year old hated it and begged it to be turned off.

At the end of what seems like weeks, it feels like you have to watch this, characters reappear in the movie that you haven’t seen in a while and have completely forgotten, like the father. of Max, of which you are certain at some point. was dead for some reason. It’s the kind of empty, soulless cash grab that’s unforgivable for a studio and an insult to people paying for Disney +. Avoid it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Our meter doesn’t go that low, but consider it a -3/10.

Home Sweet Home Alone

Home Alone Disney + sequel trailer and poster debut November 12

Review by Jérémy Konrad

A soulless, boring chatter that has no redeemable quality, Home Sweet Home Alone is an insult to people who pay for Disney +.

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