Greta Thunberg is assaulted as she arrives in Glasgow for COP26 – .

Greta Thunberg is assaulted as she arrives in Glasgow for COP26 – .

“All promises will be blah, blah, blah, to make up a phrase, unless we get real,” Mr Johnson said.

Ms Thunberg, 18, is not expected to speak at the 12-day summit, which began on Sunday. The activist, whose individual climate strikes in 2018 helped fuel a global youth climate movement, was quickly surrounded by a noisy crowd after stepping out of a door at Glasgow Central Station, according to videos of scene posted on social networks.

She did not appear to speak to those around her, according to the videos. She kept her head down and followed the police escorting her through the crowd, which appeared to include photographers, young people and a passionate man who berated those gathered.

“Have compassion. You are not entitled to it, ”he told a photographer in one of the videos.

Another man said, “Give him some space. This is not correct. “

Ms Thunberg told the BBC in an interview last week that she was not officially invited to speak at the summit. She added that she thought the summit organizers had not invited many young speakers because they “might be afraid that if they invite too many young ‘radicals’ it might make them look bad,” she said. she said, using aerial quotes.


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