Gogglebox viewers demand ban after show flooded with complaints – .

Gogglebox viewers demand ban after show flooded with complaints – .

The Channel 4 show Gogglebox is considered by many Britons to be the ultimate source of relaxation on a Friday night.
After a busy week, many of us choose to tune in to the show to catch up with hilarious characters like Pete and Sophie Sandiford, Giles and Mary, and of course, trailer park legends Lee and Jenny.

But Gogglebox found itself in hot water with some viewers after Friday’s show, and now many are calling for a complete ban on airing a specific type of show.

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Complaints rushed after the Gogglebox cast saw Netflix’s latest nature documentary series, Animal, which follows some of the world’s most fascinating creatures.

No David Attenborough for this one. Instead, it’s narrated by Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, Rashida Jones of Parks and Recreations, Rebel Wilson of Bridesmaids, and Pedro Pascal of The Mandalorian.

The reality show featured a clip from the marsupial episode in which a pack of kangaroos is chased by dingoes.

When a kangaroo mother carrying her joey in her pocket started to fall behind, the Goggleboxers and viewers at home started to get nervous.

But the feeling of dread only increased when the young kangaroo began to fall out of the pouch and was eventually abandoned by his mother for the dingoes to feast on.

Everyone on the show was horrified, London Live says.

It’s fair to say that the timing was not well received by those watching at home either, with many calling the experience “traumatic.”

“Did you have to show this part?” Asked a spectator.

Another complained, “Honestly #gogglebox why every week do you insist on showing those damn nature shows because every week I have to shut down!” “

“The nature programs they show are literally traumatic,” a third person continued while: “Why in every bloody episode of #gogglebox is there a nature program with a poor animal running for his life. “

Another commentator added, “Please stop showing horrible animal stories like tonight’s Joey and Goofy music video. I avoid watching these programs while they are playing in my mind, only to be tricked into watching them in your program !! The warnings are too vague and insufficient. “


« WTF #Gogglebox?!?! You know that you are only supposed to show the animal run away, escape, run for its life and be successful. It was not the atmosphere of Friday night at all, ”complained another.

As the program quickly shifted to lighter topics, with Jenny telling Lee once she left her baby in a pram outside of stores, viewers still weren’t sure what they came from. see, with: “this ‘funny’ story doesn’t make up for this kanga being… eaten.” ”


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