Frank Ocean remembers the “hero” Virgil Abloh

Frank Ocean remembers the “hero” Virgil Abloh

In 2018 I believe my name was V and asked him how it was possible to play hundreds of shows a year and do a lot of fashion collections a year and be a father and a husband and send the texts back from EVERYBODY with enthusiasm and emojis and encouragement and apparently. . with ease. I don’t remember how he answered verbatim, but I’m sure everything he said was quotable. He was still quotable. But the gist of his response was that he was interested in living and living to the fullest of his level… which proved impossible today because he was BEYOND.

I’ll miss you. When Ryan went to his prom, you bought him pieces from your new collection at LV and he was GEEK. Couldn’t get him to remove it. When I went to Miami and you played a set on the beach in 2016, you played White Ferrari – a song with no drums or bass anywhere lol – and you started singing. When I played you some crappy demos that I was working on or showed you the way to Homer before he was ready, you put the drums behind my back. When my brother passed away I never said anything because it was way too much, but he really loved you and admired you. He went to fashion school and things. He wanted to be a designer. My family was proud of you like you were our family. I know heartbreak is love that you can’t seem to express, so it’s an attempt to express it. I love you V. You are a hero.


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