France will propose proposals to deal with the migrant crisis in the Channel – .

France will propose proposals to deal with the migrant crisis in the Channel – .

France must make proposals to deal with the migrant crisis in the Channel, the Home Secretary having suggested that talks with the United Kingdom could resume.
Gerald Darmanin said Prime Minister Jean Castex would write Boris Johnson on Tuesday with proposals for a “balanced deal” between the UK and the EU.

He said talks could take place “very quickly” if the British are ready to enter into negotiations in a “serious spirit”.

A government source said it seemed like a “positive” move after the diplomatic row that erupted over the capsizing last week of a migrant boat with the loss of 27 lives.

Mr Johnson infuriated French President Emmanuel Macron when he posted a letter on Twitter calling for joint patrols on French beaches and the return to France of migrants who manage to make the dangerous Channel crossing.

Mr Macron said it was not a serious way to negotiate, while Home Secretary Priti Patel was banned from a meeting in Calais on Sunday of ministers from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and from Germany to discuss the crisis.

But at a press conference on Monday, Darmanin said the two countries must work together to tackle a common problem.

“From the moment when there is no longer any double talk, and when we can discuss in a serious spirit, and our private exchanges correspond to our public exchanges, the French government is ready to resume discussions with the French government very quickly. Great Britain, ”he said.

Mr Darmanin said Mr Castex’s proposals could include ways to open legal channels to the UK and for asylum seekers and to allow unaccompanied minors to join relatives in Britain.

French Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin calls for ‘balanced deal’ between UK and EU on how best to deal with smuggling of migrants

However, he said France could not accept the practice of turning back boats at sea, adding “It is a red line for the French government”.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson is due to meet online with another of Europe’s main players – Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo.

Downing Street continues to insist that a return agreement, as spelled out by Mr Johnson in his letter, would be the ‘greatest deterrent’ for migrants attempting to cross the Channel.

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