France orders poultry containment due to risk of bird flu – .

France orders poultry containment due to risk of bird flu – .

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French farmers were ordered on Friday to keep their poultry indoors due to the increased risk of the spread of avian flu from migrating birds.

The order published in the French Official Journal follows a similar measure adopted in the Netherlands last week after the discovery of a case of the highly contagious H5 strain of bird flu in a poultry farm and the slaughter of 36 000 birds per protective measure.

“The increase in the rate of infection in the migratory corridors justifies raising the level of risk” for the whole of metropolitan France to “high”, specifies the decree.

The French Ministry of Agriculture said separately that 130 outbreaks of bird flu in wild birds and farmed poultry have been discovered since August in Europe.

So far, no cases have been found among professional poultry farmers in France.

The French government is hoping the lockdown will help avoid a repeat of last year, when bird flu was found in nearly 500 places, severely disrupting duck foie gras production in southwest France.

Dutch order poultry indoors after bird flu outbreak

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