Former player targets attacking duo who ‘don’t want to work hard’ for the team – .

Former player targets attacking duo who ‘don’t want to work hard’ for the team – .

Former Man Utd man Paul Parker has targeted Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial as the attacking duo “don’t want to work hard” for the team.
The Red Devils have struggled so far this quarter. They are currently in eighth place in the Premier League after 13 games.

Their poor form led Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to leave the club just over a week ago. Ralf Rangnick has been confirmed as United’s new interim manager.

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Rashford returned from shoulder surgery last month and has played six times for Male Utd so far this season.

Martial has only started twice for United in the Premier League this term. He has one goal from his nine total appearances.

Parker a this Talk about devils that Rashford and Martial don’t want to work hard:

“You have a young Mason Greenwood, being a young boy, you wonder where he’s headed,” Parker said.

“He was a key player a few weeks ago, with a good relationship at the end of last season with Cavani and you could see that Ronaldo respected what he was trying to achieve.

“I would play Greenwood in front of Rashford all day. I just think why Rashford is getting so much playing time.

“You look at it and nothing comes out of it to be perfectly honest. How does Martial get playing time at Villarreal I really don’t know. It sounds strange.

“Okay, if you have a bad game you have a bad game. But when you see players who don’t want to work hard, that’s when you have to ask questions and Martial doesn’t want to work hard. not work hard. Rashford doesn’t want to work hard. He doesn’t really want to.

Man Utd will face Arsenal in the Premier League on Thursday night. Paul Scholes called on United to make two changes for this clash:

« [I’d] play a center forward to start, ”said Scholes.

“Cristiano will play. The two wide players [Sancho and Rashford] will probably play. Possibly play two midfielders instead of three, be more offensive.

“Arsenal is far from the quality of Chelsea, far from Liverpool, Manchester City. “


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