‘Eternals’ strikes lightning with $ 100 million promotional partner campaign – Deadline – .

‘Eternals’ strikes lightning with $ 100 million promotional partner campaign – Deadline – .

Among those responsible for distributing films in town, there is a saying about Disney theatrical releases, especially their Marvel titles: that they are “five quads” movies.

What does it mean? Essentially, Marvel Cinematic Universe titles are known to overindex and perform well beyond the standards of a regular four-quadrant demographic mast that caters to both men and women over 25.

All the more reason with an IP such as Eternal, which is poised to appeal to a wide range of moviegoers with a planned $ 150 million worldwide opening weekend, which Disney is reaching all over the galaxy with its promotional partner campaign. In the case of Eternal, Disney has secured $ 100 million in global marketing support from bespoke brands, greater than that of Black Widow and Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, and also pre-pandemic MCU titles like the ones from 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy 2‘s which grossed $ 80 million in support for advertisers. The biggest brand blitz a Marvel movie has ever done belongs to Sony Spider-Man: Far From Home which touted $ 288 million in media worth in 2019.

“As Stan Lee said, ‘Marvel has always been and always will be a reflection of the world right outside our window.’ Says Mindy Hamilton, senior vice president of marketing partnerships at Disney, “I know it’s something our filmmakers do, and it’s also something we do from a strategic perspective on partnerships. We want to attract all audiences, including multicultural fans.

Already, iSpot estimates that Eternals The $ 15.5 million TV spend campaign reached 1.21 billion impressions, surpassing ad spend and reach of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, $ 10.9 million and $ 1.18 billion respectively, and one billion audience impressions driven by Black Widow. Eternals RelishMix’s social media footprint has 461.6 million views on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, 46% ahead of both digital and superhero movie averages.

Atop Disney’s promotional partners’ cake is Lexus, which for the second time teamed up with Marvel after 2018 Black Panther as the studio’s exclusive automotive partner. At the beginning of October, Lexus launched the “Parking Spot” marketing campaign, a 2: 36 spot, produced by Avengers filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo and starring Eternals Kumail Nanjiani who plays the god Kingo in the film. In it, Kingo drives the Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance which is armed with a 472 horsepower V8 engine, and tries to find a parking spot as the city crumbles around him. The vehicle sells for $ 56,500.

The flagship Lexus LS 500 sedan and all-new NX luxury crossover also made appearances in the MCU title directed by Chloe Zhao.

“Lexus is very clear about the power that the Marvel partnership can offer the brand,” said Hamilton.

“What brands get with a Marvel partnership is fan engagement. It leads to love for the brand, and it leads to sales. It is personalized storytelling or “living history”. With our partnerships, they know that we are committed to telling the story of the brand through the lens of Marvel Studios, ”adds the senior vice president of Disney.

A 30-second version of the commercial aired on cable during college football, the NHL and soccer. In addition to broadcast, the campaign includes advanced elements of TV, digital and social advertising. Additionally, Lexus curated a set of ten wrapped vehicles inspired by each of the ten characters from Eternals. The cars were shown in a procession down Hollywood Blvd where Lexus was an official sponsor of the world premiere and live broadcast on October 18. Program extensions included Lexus’ title sponsorship of the Esports Awards and activation with online clothing shopping site 100 Thieves.

Long-time MCU sponsor returns for Eternals is Geico with a digital TV campaign starring the famous Gecko imagining himself as one of the superhero gods. The two brands are neck and neck, especially in their shared sense of humor.

Who is the target here when it comes to insurance and Marvel? This is the prominent 18-34 year old demographic who has energetically returned to movie theaters to see event films. Ditto with the appeal of Banker Synchrony, another returning partner who targets their online banking at young Millennial Marvel fans; their personalized digital campaign being “Save Like a Hero”. In previous Marvel teams, Synchrony has put forward its Marvel credit card. They were also the Eternals first global sponsor with an interactive photo booth on the “blue carpet”.

When movie executives spoke about the eventual return of movies to theaters as the pandemic abated, they knew they couldn’t do it without crossing promotion with sporting events, whether live or televised. And while Disney has aired TV spots for Eternals during the NFL (11.8%), MLB (6.6%) and college football (2.1%) according to iSpot, they made the LA Rams squarely a player on Team Marvel. This isn’t the first time Disney has partnered with pro sports, having partnered with the WNBA to push Captain Marvel.

For the Eternal, The NFL celebrates the intersection of heroes and athletes. On October 24, the MCU movie picked up the theme of the Rams’ home game day against the Detroit Lions, a major rivalry game since each team’s quarterback had previously played with the other team. There was a mixture Eternals LA Rams fan-minded trailer and cross-promotion with stars Nanjiani and Lia McHugh attending on game day.

According to Hamilton, “sport is aimed at a representative sample of people. Not only from a diversity perspective, but just from an age range perspective, whether it’s families, adults without children, Gen Z, this is a nice sample, so we always make sure we do something in that space, and in this case, it was the LA Rams, the Hollywood team.

While the MCU has long been known as the ultimate destination for fanboys, never underestimate the power of women in their love for movies.

“The days when there were only men are long gone. It’s also a lot of women… it’s all audiences, ”Hamilton says of the MCU demos, and as such, their bespoke partners include McDonald’s and Ziploc, which target moms, and cosmetics co. Urban Decay, aimed at women.

McDonald’s is a partner of the Walt Disney Company Corporate Alliance and has been a continuous part of Marvel’s previous promotional campaigns. Eternals is featured on Happy Meals in the United States and Latin America, and there is a range of ten toys. There was a next-level digital experience with the Eternals toys via the Happy Meal app, including McHugh’s voice. McDonald’s also had an interactive billboard in Times Square.

The last spot:

This is the fourth time Ziploc has worked with Disney and they have broadcast a nationwide TV and digital spot around their waterproof containers.

“We want to make sure we always talk to moms. Ziploc spreads over a breakfast and makes kids smile when they open the lunchbox, ”says Hamilton. Kids under 12 who went out last night in the US already love it Eternals with a positive score of 90% according to the PostTrak outputs of Comscore / Screen Engine with a final recommendation of 65%. The film as we have already told you brought in $ 9.5 million in previews, the third best result of the pandemic. Dads outnumbered Moms in terms of attendance, from 56% to 44%, however, the latter enjoyed the film better. Boys under 12 dominated yesterday, accounting for 61% of their population while girls came in at 39%.

Urban degradation

Urban Decay represents the first time that Marvel has worked with a brand that has developed a custom collection of film-inspired products available at Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s. Previously, Disney had partnered with Sally Hansen and MAC cosmetics lines on Cruel, the latter also a promo partner on Maleficent and Aladin. Macy’s digital retail event in three time zones allowed makeup artists to create looks inspired by the Eternals hero. The Macy’s Herald Square flagship also featured a co-branded digital video tutorial on the Jumbo Tron in Times Square. There was a digital campaign on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok. Urban Decay has also hosted an online masterclass in recent weeks showing consumers how to use the Eternals product inspired by their collector’s safe.

Spread word of mouth more on Eternals is the diverse cast of the film. In the social media reach of the photo by RelishMix, 26% is led by actress Salma Hayek and her online support for her 22.5 million subscribers. There are also Nanjiani’s 4 million subscribers and Richard Madden’s 3.4 million and Gemma Chan’s 1.7 million subscribers between Twitter and Instagram. Asian audiences for first Comscore / PostTrak releases give Eternals his best scores at 85% of Thursday night previews, representing 12% of the audience. Caucasians made up 45% of last night’s crowd, Hispanics and Latinos 23%, and African Americans 15%.

“Marvel works well with a multicultural audience, and our partnerships complement that,” says Hamilton, “It has always been and will continue to be a priority. ”


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