Eric Zemmour announces his presidential candidacy – POLITICO – .

Eric Zemmour announces his presidential candidacy – POLITICO – .

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PARIS – Eric Zemmour announced on social networks Tuesday that he is running for the French presidential election in April.

Zemmour, who has been compared to Donald Trump for his anti-establishment policies and ability to deliver concise lines that go viral, hopes to re-energize his stuttering campaign and end recent controversies.

Recently, even his own supporters have admitted he’s struggling to reinvent himself as a serious presidential candidate.

After a rapid rise in polls, Zemmour encountered a series of hurdles as longtime allies deserted him, speeches fell short of expectations and campaign funding appeared uncertain. The POLITICO poll suggests Zemmour would get 14% of the vote in a presidential election, behind Emmanuel Macron with 24% and Marine Le Pen with 18%.

With these scores, Macron and Le Pen would qualify for the second round.

The far-right television specialist’s campaign hit a low point over the weekend when he was pictured giving a middle finger to a member of the public during a visit to Marseille which had been marred by demonstrations.

Zemmour is due to organize his first rally in Paris on Sunday in what his team hope will be a show of force, with several thousand people expected.

Zemmour repeatedly asserts that France is “overwhelmed” by immigration and risks “losing its identity” under the influence of Islam, which he considers “incompatible” with Western values. Many accuse the journalist, twice convicted of incitement to hatred, of having fueled divisions and encouraged discrimination against the Muslim population of France.

His scathing attacks on the political establishment and his controversial proposals on immigration and French identity have garnered media attention and dominated debates ahead of next year’s vote.

He joins a crowded cast of right-wing candidates as the conservative Republicans prepare to elect their presidential candidate this weekend.


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