England v Sri Lanka: T20 World Cup – Live!

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2nd above: England 15-1 (Buttler 5, Malan 1) Malan slaps the offside to score the shot with a single, then Buttler turns the corner to finish a much better one for Sri Lanka.


COUNTER! Roy b Hasaranga 9 (England 13-1)



2nd above: England 13-0 (Roy 9, Buttler 4) This first round has been the most profitable of the tournament so far and Buttler starts the second – knocked down by the excellent Hasaranga – by making a single in the side of the leg.


1st above: England 12-0 (Roy 9, Buttler 3) Roy twirls Chameera’s looser behind the square and they run for two, but although he can only complete the second delivery – there’s that weak Sharjah bounce – he guides the next one into the ground, through the covers. , on the top and towards the barrier. It’s a delicious shot, really, and when followed by a single to a deep square back Buttler is there to clear a three, which brings Roy back on the strike; it forces at the deep point, and a fumble turns one into two. It’s 12 on the first finish, with only one limit – it’s worrying – and on the PA we hear what sounds like a Beggin ‘remix. It’s not great.



The English players and staff get on their knees; the Lankans are at attention.


Righto, the players are with us; Can Sri Lanka stop England from playing the power game?


I wonder if and when England are considering using Mark Wood. Tymal Mills took a few hits against Australia so maybe if the same happens today. But they played so well that it’s going to be difficult for Morgan to make any changes.


Scuzz believes the track might be suitable for bowlers in Sri Lanka, but obviously always expects that his boys will sort them. If they can slow the ball down England might struggle to find the fence, and if they’re under pressure when bowling they might not do it as well as they have been. Might is a big word, however.


The pitch looks shiny and has a lot of cracks so we should see the ball skidding; the limits are short.


I like to think that whoever nicknamed Chris Jordan “CJ” was a fan of Baywatch. I wonder if CJ Parker has ever been abbreviated to “Ceej”.





If Sri Lanka won today, they can still qualify – tThey will also have to beat the West Indies and hope that South Africa and Australia have lost their last two matches. England, meanwhile, will have more or less finished with a victory today; they could still finish tied on points with the above, but their net run rate should support them in that case.


Yes, you read that correctly – this is not a misprint. He wears a medallion.


Sam Cuzz is in the Sky studio, bleached hair, with a blue jacket, a pink turtleneck and a locket. It’s a mood.


England are said to have hunted as well, and Eoin Morgan says that to win the tournament you have to be able to strike first and second. He knows conditions in Sharjah are different from elsewhere – Sri Lanka is used to it, England is not – but again Morgan sees this as positive. The two teams are unchanged.


Sri Lanka in the draw!

For the first time in this tournament, England will not be able to hunt. It’s a deal – how big remains to be seen.







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