emotional Alok Sharma apologizes as text on phasing out coal in agreement is “watered down” – .

emotional Alok Sharma apologizes as text on phasing out coal in agreement is “watered down” – .

Alok Sharma apologized on Saturday for the way the Cop26 deal negotiations concluded with last-minute changes to language on coal.
Suffocating, the president of Cop26 said he was “deeply sorry” for the way the process unfolded.

Addressing delegates, he said: “May I just tell all the delegates that I apologize for the way this process has gone and I am deeply sorry. “

He added: “I also understand the deep disappointment but I think, as you noted, it is also vital that we protect this package. “

It comes after a key change in the coal deal, following a review proposed by India and China to relax the language on coal.

The term “phase-out” in relation to coal was changed to “phase-out” after parties agreed to the new language.

The final deal now calls on countries to “gradually reduce coal-fired power and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.”

The Swiss representative – who also represents the Environmental Integrity Group – strongly criticizes the proposed change, calling it “watered down”, but said the group would not oppose it in order to avoid leaving Glasgow without a deal.

The representative of Fiji also criticized the last minute change.

He told the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow: “What we would like to express is not just our astonishment, but our immense disappointment with the way this has been introduced. “

He said days before they were warned of “last minute” changes to the text and said “due process” had not been followed.

“It won’t get us closer to 1.5 ° C but will make it harder to reach it,” she says.

However, this is a milestone as it is the first explicit mention of fossil fuels in a United Nations climate agreement.

The deal aims to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial “living” or within reach levels, in the face of a huge gap between what countries are doing and what is needed to achieve l ‘goal.

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