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SpaceX employees received a nightmare email over the holiday weekend from CEO Elon Musk warning them of a brewing crisis with his production of Raptor engines which, if unresolved, could cause the business to go bankrupt. The email, obtained by SpaceExplored, CNBC, and The edge, urged employees to work weekends in a desperate attempt to ramp up production of the engine intended to power its next-generation Starship launcher.

“Sadly, Raptor’s production crisis is a lot worse than it looked a few weeks ago,” Musk reportedly wrote. “While we looked at the issues that followed the exit of the previous senior management, they unfortunately turned out to be much more serious than what had been reported. There’s no way to water it down.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment, but Musk tweeted about the report on Tuesday afternoon.

“The magnitude of the Starship program is not widely appreciated,” Musk tweeted. “It is designed to extend the life of Mars (and the Moon), requiring approximately 1,000 times more payload in orbit than all current land rockets combined. Although Musk did not confirm or deny the veracity of the email, he spoke about its contents saying that while he did not believe bankruptcy was likely, it was not impossible. no more. The CEO apparently quoted Intel founder and former CEO Andrew Grove, writing “only the paranoid survive.  »

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In his email, Musk advised workers to cut their vacation weekend short and called for “everyone on deck to recover from what is, quite frankly, a disaster.” Summarizing the problem, Musk warned that the company could go bankrupt if it couldn’t run Starship flights once every two weeks in 2022. If this all sounds familiar to you, it’s because Musk has already spoken. publicly about when SpaceX and Tesla were on the verge of bankruptcy in their early years. More recently Musk claims Tesla entered the bankruptcy “numbers” as recently as 2018.

Raptor’s engine is a critical component of Starship, which SpaceX hopes will someday transport goods and people to the Moon and Mars. Starship’s ability to meet these ambitious goals is critical to SpaceX’s long-term success, which rests on Elon Musk’s promise of multiplanetary human exploration. According to Musk’s email, Starship will also play a pivotal role in launching Starlink’s next-generation satellites into orbit.

Musk’s stressed email follows a tweet earlier this month where the CEO admitted The Raptor 2 would need a “complete design overhaul” to make multiplanetary life possible. Shortly after, two SpaceX vice presidents abruptly left the company according to CNBC. One of those executives, Will Heltsley, who had been with the company since 2009, was working on Project Raptor but was fired due to lack of progress.

The alarming news comes near the end of what has been an otherwise stellar year for SpaceX. In 11 months, SpaceX managed to launch 25 successful Falcon 9 missions, sent a dozen astronauts into space and established a roadmap for mass commercialization with its Starlink satellite internet service.

You can read the full email at The edge.


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