Electricity companies sued in France for alleged “abusive practices” – .

Electricity companies sued in France for alleged “abusive practices” – .

Four electricity suppliers in France appeared in court in Paris for alleged “abusive practices”, including changing the terms of a contract without properly informing consumers.
Consumer association the CLCV (Consumption, housing and living environment) took ekWateur, GreenYellow, Mint Energie and Ovo Energy to court.

He alleges that the companies changed the terms of their contracts or increased prices without properly informing consumers and that they had “unfair” clauses in their documentation.

François Carlier, General Delegate of the CLCV, told Le Parisien: “In order to preserve their margins, or sometimes to make up for strategic errors, a lack of anticipation or precaution, some are tempted to resort to procedures that are particularly detrimental to their customers. “

The association also advises consumers to “increase their awareness” and “read carefully” all the information they receive.

He said he found cases of sudden price hikes – sometimes up to 30% – that were “quietly” written into long contracts. Some operators reserve the right to unilaterally modify their contracts.

The CLCV added that consumers would do better to upgrade their electricity contract to the regulated sales tariff (TRV), which “offers tariff security and peace of mind, especially when alternative operators do not seem to respect the rules. regulations ”.

However, TRV is not possible for gas contracts.

The CLCV first alerted consumers to alleged “brutal and abusive” practices in October.

He said: “We are shocked to learn that some [operators] inform their customers of these increases by simply sending an email.

“This process, which they can consider as a contractual or benign tariff change, is not acceptable when a tariff increase is made which results in an increase in the bill of several hundred euros per year. “

It comes as France prepares to send checks for € 100 to help low-income families deal with rising energy costs. Regulated gas prices have been frozen and postponed until June 30, 2022.

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