Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot Film KO ‘Shang-Chi’ – Date Limit – .

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot Film KO ‘Shang-Chi’ – Date Limit – .

Netflix’s $ 200 Million Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds Red Notice caused a stir in homes measured by Samba TV in the United States, drawing an impressive 4.2 million in its Friday-Sunday debut.

Rawson’s Marshall Thurber Written and Directed Movie Decimated Marvel’s First Weekend Audience Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings on Disney + which became available for free to streamer subscribers on November 12, Disney + Day; the photo was ultimately viewed by 1.7 million U.S. households in its first weekend.

Red NoticeAudiences are also jetting off to the first weekend viewing for any movie on HBO Max, Amazon, and Disney +, as measured by Samba TV. Red Notice is greater than the first 3 days of HBO Max Mortal combat (3.8M), Wonder Woman 1984 which also featured Gadot (2.2 million) and Dune (1.9M). It also beats Amazon’s first four days Tomorrow War (2.4 million) and Disney + Soul (2,4 millions).

Red Notice follows an FBI profiler (Johnson) in the midst of a daring heist where he is forced to team up with the world’s greatest art thief Nolan Booth (Reynolds) in order to catch the world’s most wanted criminal, “The Bishop” (Gadot).

Samba TV measures streaming audiences in 3M homes that have connected for at least five minutes.

As previously touted by the Red Notice stars, the Netflix movie released the streamer’s best opening day, and we hear the record-breaking weekend announcement is just around the corner. Previously, Netflix reported that Extraction was their most-viewed movie in 99 million American homes worldwide in its first 28 days, while their most engaged movie was from 2018 Bird box which racked up 282 million hours of viewing by the streamer’s subscribers.

Red Notice was also booked at 750 theaters, the photo receiving an exclusive week-long theatrical window, opening Nov. 5, and earned an industry estimate of $ 1.25 to $ 1.5 million in its week -end opening. Red Notice continued to hold theaters on Weekend 2, and we hear the photo’s running national total is well north of $ 2 million. Channel 3 Cinemark which books Netflix movies reported on Friday that Red Notice was the exhibitor’s top performing Netflix movie.

“At Cinemark, we love the ability to create a cultural moment and a complete entertainment experience around a movie,” Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Director of Marketing and Content, Cinemark said in a statement. “We so appreciate the enthusiasm and generosity of Netflix and Dwayne Johnson for making the Red Notice an exciting and engaging indoor experience for moviegoers with surprises, giveaways and a discounted Veterans Day ticket offer. Over the past year, Cinemark has screened over 10 Netflix movies in our immersive environment, and we look forward to testing financially viable models for both parties who have an exclusive cinema window to make key movies.

Cinemark began its relationship in cinema with Netflix through a limited location test of Christmas Chronicles 2 a year ago.

Other issues of Samba TV on Red Notice: The film drew 721,000 UK homes, 332,000 German homes and 42,000 Australian homes over the weekend. The American public was younger with 54 years and under, black (+ 7%) and Hispanic (+ 11%).

Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson in “Passing”
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Shang-Chi was viewed by 250,000 UK homes, 85,000 German homes and 17,000 Australian homes. Audience in the United States overindexed with black (+ 9%), Hispanic (+ 10%) and Asian (+ 47%) viewers, Samba TV said.

Elsewhere in Samba TV reporting, Sundance acquisition for $ 15 million and more from Netflix Who passed with Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga was seen by 653,000 American households in its first four days. The first weekend of the UAR / MGM No time to die on PVOD clocked 421K homes according to Samba TV. The photo was available for rental for $ 19.99.


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