Dutch police open fire after COVID-19 protests turn violent – .

Dutch police open fire after COVID-19 protests turn violent – .

At least seven people were injured after police opened fire during large protests against COVID-19 related restrictions in the Netherlands on Friday.
Protesters flooded the streets of Rotterdam on Friday evening, opposing the renewal of restrictions and the vaccine passport warrant that the European country is implementing to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. Two people were hospitalized and 51 were arrested during the protest, Reuters reported.

In videos posted to Twitter, protesters can be seen lashing out as gunshots can be heard in the background. Police reportedly fired warning shots while using water cannons at protesters throwing stones, according to Reuters.

The city’s mayor called the riots an “orgy of violence” and the country’s justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus said the protest was “disgusting,” Reuters reported.

“The right to protest is very important in our society, but what we saw last night was just criminal behavior,” Grapperhaus said.

The Dutch are protesting against the vaccination mandate, which requires proof of a negative test or inoculation against COVID-19 to enter restaurants and indoor businesses. Citizens are also opposing a partial lockdown in the country that forces businesses to close early.

Authorities ordered the restrictions to be renewed after confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by more than 2,000 in the past seven days.

Protests against COVID-19-related restrictions have erupted across Europe, which is experiencing a new wave of coronavirus infections. Thousands of people took to the streets of Vienna on Saturday to oppose an upcoming lockdown in Austria.


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