Discord CEO says ‘no plan’ to add teased crypto support – .

Discord CEO says ‘no plan’ to add teased crypto support – .

Discord “does not currently intend to ship” cryptocurrency integration for the popular chat platform. This according to a tweet from Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron, who previously elicited a major backlash by hinting that such an integration was underway.

On November 8, Citron replied to a Twitter user. with a screenshot showing the integration of MetaMask and Wallet Connect in Discord. Both of these services offer ways to connect to cryptocurrency wallets or so-called decentralized applications.

The tweet met with almost instant backlash on Twitter, with 4.6,000 responses and 6.7,000 quotes from tweets at the time of writing. Many respondents said they instantly canceled their Nitro subscription; Nitro is Discord’s premium service that costs $ 10 per month. The next day, Lemon called the feature “pre-release”.

Fast forward two days and apparently the plans have changed:

“Thanks for all the views everyone,” wrote Citron in response to his original tweet. “We currently have no plans to deliver this concept internally. For now, our focus is on protecting users from spam, scams, and fraud. Web3 has a lot of good ones, but also a lot of problems that we need to solve on our own scale. More soon. “

“Web3” has been used more and more often lately to refer to the collection of crypto-based technologies and the efforts of the crypto bros to drive market economies into every remaining crack in the internet. The same wave of nonsense is flooding video games as well, with CEOs of Take-Two, EA and Ubisoft all discussing the future of NFTs and play-to-earn games this month.

I’m glad that, for now at least, private companies may be forced out of crypto and NFTs by an online coalition of angry Twitter users and furries. Good job, everyone.


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