CushCore tire inserts are now included on select Rocky Mountain models – .

CushCore tire inserts are now included on select Rocky Mountain models – .

PRESS RELEASE: CushCoreIt wasn’t that long ago that things like a dropper post or tubeless tires / wheels were considered “controversial” accessories. Now virtually all decent mountain bikes come standard with a dropper post and tubeless wheel sets. For 2022, Rocky Mountain and CushCore are introducing the next generation of innovation by offering CushCore tire inserts as standard equipment.
2022 Rocky Mountain Bikes equipped with CushCore

Since 2018, the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team has been racing with CushCore. Runners like Jesse Melamed are “in the know” and haven’t run without him for 4 years. Proven to work between lanes, CushCore is now standard equipment so everyone can ride with confidence.

EWS star Jesse Melamed soars high in the Rockies in 2022. Pic – Dave Trumpore

Rallye Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 90 2022. Pic – Dave Trumpore

“I found the consistency in the corners to be so nice, it just widened, the knobs widened, and I felt my corner would stay on his arc. Obviously the impact protection up front is nice, it helps the suspension, it cushions a lot of little things. We hit things so fast that an impact can ruin your run, so to me, why wouldn’t I launch CushCore? “Jesse Melamed

Introducing the all-new 2022 Altitude Powerplay. Featuring the next generation Dyname 4.0 drive system, with a high torque system, a new integrated top tube display, an all new handlebar remote control, a larger removable battery and, of course, CushCore tire inserts to front and back. Rocky Mountain is proud to say that it has the best electric bike on the market.

2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay. Pic – Margus Riga

MTB legend Thomas Vanderham. Woodpecker – Margus Riga

“I have used CushCore for a few projects this year and have been really pleased with the results. I love that the insert holds the heel in and helps reduce burping in extreme cornering conditions. I also like the rim protection element.Thomas Vanderham

For more information and detailed specifications, check out Rocky Mountain Bikes and CushCore.


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