COVID outbreak declared at Campbellford Memorial Hospital after three vaccinated and three not fully vaccinated cases identified – .

COVID outbreak declared at Campbellford Memorial Hospital after three vaccinated and three not fully vaccinated cases identified – .

KAWARTHA LAKES-Campbellford Memorial Hospital put restrictions in place for visitors to the hospital after the local health unit today declared an outbreak of COVID-19.
The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit (HKPR) declared the outbreak after six patients in the second-floor medico-surgical unit tested positive for COVID-19. No staff cases have been identified at the hospital. Of the six people with COVID-19, three of the patients were fully vaccinated and three were not fully vaccinated according to hospital officials.

Following the declaration of the epidemic, the medico-surgical unit was closed to all visitors, except those visiting patients hospitalized for end-of-life care. The ambulatory endoscopy room on the second floor was also closed. The emergency department, located on the ground floor of the hospital, remains open. The rules for visiting the emergency room have not changed and minor children and the elderly who need supportive care can continue to be accompanied by one person.

Alysia English, director of patient care at Campbellford Memorial Hospital, said hospital staff work closely with the Health Unit to ensure that proper infection prevention and control practices have been put in place. place in the hospital to prevent the spread of the virus.

“As we continue to put in place appropriate COVID prevention measures in the hospital, we are now implementing additional processes and strengthened infection control practices to ensure we stop any further spread and ensure the safety of our patients and staff, ”said English.

CMH staff continue to work with the HKPR district health office to monitor the outbreak and support case and contact tracing. Additional tests on close contacts are also underway at the facility. In addition, the hospital will continue to implement improved deep environmental cleaning of buildings.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of infection prevention and control procedures and best practices that the hospital must maintain with all interactions with patients. This is why hand washing, physical distancing and the proper use of personal protective equipment are so essential, ”explains Marilyn Petherick, infection control / OR nurse at MHC, adding:“ within hospital and in our community, we must all continue to be vigilant in following the public health measures of maintaining a physical distance, wearing a mask, washing our hands regularly and getting vaccinated. “

People in need of emergency medical care continue to be encouraged to seek medical assistance in the hospital emergency department.

“The Emergency Department at Campbellford Memorial Hospital continues to serve patients with any emerging or urgent condition while ensuring appropriate infection control practices to improve the safety of patients and their care providers. If you are seriously ill and need immediate and urgent medical attention, waiting too long can make your problem much more serious and difficult to treat and can lead to more permanent injury or disability, ”said Dr. Bruce Bain, Chief of CMH’s cabinet.

While hospital staff are doing everything possible to keep the impact on non-emergency departments as minimal as possible, patients with scheduled hospital appointments who may be affected by this outbreak will be contacted directly. by hospital staff.

The community is also encouraged to contact their primary care provider or telemedicine clinics for elective care and CMH reminds everyone to remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19 by continuing to follow public health guidelines such as bathing. hands frequently, wear a mask when in an indoor public space, maintain a physical distance, and get vaccinated.


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