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An upsurge in Covid-19 infections in the north China has forced two small towns to suspend public transport and tighten control over the movements of residents, Reuters reports, as the country shows no willingness to take it easy on local epidemics.

China reported 21 new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases with confirmed symptoms on Sunday, official data showed on Monday, marking the highest daily count since mid-November. Almost all of the new local cases have been detected in the region of northern China, Inner Mongolia.

The latest cases came shortly after a few other cities in the north, hit hard by China’s largest Delta outbreak, which began in mid-October, contained their clusters this month and gradually lifted the brakes. , indicating that it has become more difficult for China to stay away from local eruptions. -UPS.

Staff members disinfect themselves before entering a residential area under temporary lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (northern China). Photograph: Xinhua / REX / Shutterstock

The new resurgence is small compared to many outbreaks overseas, and domestic officials have made it clear that China is not aiming to stay at zero cases.

However, Beijing still demands that authorities remain very vigilant to be ready to quickly cancel local outbreaks, meaning that severe restrictions will likely be imposed when new cases emerge.

In the city of Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia, a crucial port of entry that borders Russia and has a population of around 150,000, 20 local symptomatic cases were reported on Sunday.

Over the weekend, Manzhouli banned residents from leaving the city and suspended public transport and some non-emergency services in hospitals.

It also closed markets and entertainment venues, halted dining at restaurants, in-person classes and religious gatherings, and launched a second round of city-wide testing.

Hailar District, an administrative division about three hours from Manzhouli, blocked some roads connecting it to the outside and forced people arriving from Manzhouli to be quarantined at centralized facilities for two weeks.

Nehe, a town of about 440,000 people in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, reported a locally transmitted asymptomatic carrier on Sunday, which China counts separately from confirmed patients.

Nehe has tightened controls on the movement of residents, closed non-essential businesses and cut public transportation and some services at private hospitals and clinics.

The cities of Suihua, Shuangyashan and Daqing, also in Heilongjiang Province, have asked people seeking to leave or enter to provide proof of a negative test result within 48 hours.


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