COVID causes cancellation of popular Christmas market in Germany – .

COVID causes cancellation of popular Christmas market in Germany – .

One of Germany’s most popular Christmas markets has fallen victim to the country’s worsening COVID situation.
The one in Nuremberg in Bavaria was demolished on Friday.

In this announcement, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder said: “The situation is very, very serious and complicated”.

He justified his decision by saying that such markets see multiple contacts between people and it is difficult to monitor the health status of each visitor.

Bavaria has also moved to a de facto lockdown of its unvaccinated. Public places such as restaurants, cinemas and concert halls will now only be open to those who have the jab or those who have recently recovered from the disease.

The unvaccinated will also be forced to limit their contact to five people from two outbreaks, Söder said.

In neighborhoods where the incidence exceeds 1,000 new cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants over 7 days, “everything will have to be closed”, he added, with the exception of schools and businesses.

“We have a clear goal: to fight the coronavirus, to protect people and the health system,” Söder added.

“This is not war rhetoric. It is a deep concern that makes us act, ”he said.

Earlier this week, health officials issued a stern warning as 65,371 new cases were reported in a single day, confirming an uptrend that experts have been warning against for weeks.

“We are currently heading towards a serious emergency,” said Lothar Wieler, director of the Robert Koch Institute, the German disease control agency. “We’re going to have a really terrible Christmas if we don’t take countermeasures now. “


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