COVID-19: UK reports 41,299 more coronavirus cases and 217 deaths

COVID-19: Testing suspended at Wolverhampton laboratory after 43,000 people received false results

Another 41,299 coronavirus cases and 217 deaths have been reported in the UK, according to official daily government figures.

It compares to 33,865 COVID-19[feminine[feminine cases and 293 deaths within 28 days of a positive test reported Tuesday, and 43,941 and 207 this time last week.

The latest weekly average of cases is 39,691, down from mid-October when it hit more than 47,000.

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A further 296,670 booster shots bring the total to 8,652,842, while 45,752,487 received two doses of the vaccine.

There are 9,517 people hospitalized with coronavirus, according to the latest count. This compares to 6,468 a month ago and less than 1,000 in early June.

The total number of deaths within 28 days of a positive test since the start of the pandemic stands at 141,181.

The latest weekly average for COVID deaths is 163 – that number has grown slowly since it started rising in late July, when it was around 70.

However, it is well below last winter’s peak average of more than 1,200 daily deaths.

They are the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, warned of a “potentially problematic” Christmas due to COVID and said he believed there would be “tough months ahead”.

Professor Van-Tam said too many people think the pandemic is over.

“Personally, I think there are tough months ahead in winter and it’s not over,” he said.

When asked how a festive lockdown could be avoided, he told BBC Breakfast: “Christmas, and indeed all the darker winter months, are potentially going to be problematic. “

He said the things that “are really going to determine this” are the success of immunization programs and people’s caution, especially over the next two months.


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