COVID-19 numbers are rising; New Mexicans “No Longer Following Guidelines”

COVID-19 numbers are rising; New Mexicans “No Longer Following Guidelines”

Coronavirus cases have increased in recent days in Santa Fe County and New Mexico, making it clear that the disease will not ease off in the near future – if in doubt.

Local and state health authorities have warned that another peak could be on the way, especially with the cold weather ahead. Dr Wendy Johnson, chief medical officer at La Familia Medical Center in Santa Fe, has expressed disappointment at the lack of vigilance she sees.

“We’re not following guidelines anymore,” Johnson said of local residents.
State data indicated that Santa Fe County had 59 new cases on Friday, up from 31 at the same time in October and 21 in early September.
Even with a relatively high vaccination rate of 83% in Santa Fe County, that leaves 20,000 or more unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated, Johnson said.
People now congregate at birthday parties, theaters and other places of entertainment, she said, letting their guard down as the intensity of the disease increases.
“Our restaurants are packed,” she said.
Statistics, anecdotal evidence and expert observations indicate that the situation has worsened in New Mexico. Dr Laura Parajon, assistant cabinet secretary at the state’s health ministry, said people should stick to defense tactics that work.
“I think we have to get back to basics,” Parajon said on Friday. “Yes, we are very worried. “
Parajon and others said it was not entirely clear why the peak was taking place.
“That’s the big question,” Parajon said. “I think in general we are all tired of the pandemic, right? Many people have given up on the disease.
Santa Fe Public Schools have reported that at least three staff members and 34 students have tested positive this week for COVID-19.
These included seven students from Wood Gormley Primary School, as well as a staff member and six students from Acequia Madre Primary School. According to the district, five of the cases of students in Acequia Madre may have been contracted within the school.
Nursing homes and assisted living centers statewide recorded a total of 294 cases among residents on Thursday, up from 248 on Oct. 4, the data showed. The numbers were negligible at the Santa Fe facilities – five, including staff, down from 13 in early October.
At the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, patients treated for issues other than COVID-19 have populated the institution, and the hospital “is seeing our COVID numbers stabilize,” spokesman Arturo Delgado wrote in a report. -mail. “As of this morning, our team was caring for 13 COVID patients and we have the capacity for additional patients. “
Presbyterian Healthcare Services spokeswoman Melanie Mozes said her system had 124 patients with COVID-19 at its nine state hospitals, including six at Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center and four at Hospital de Española.
Theresa Valerio, head nurse at Presbyterian Hospital Española, said in a written statement: “Like other hospitals in the state, we have COVID patients as well as many critically ill patients in our facility. COVID-19 cases have leveled off but unfortunately are not declining as quickly as we would like. “
The key points that have been emphasized for months, Parajon said, remain relevant – get the shot, get boosters if eligible, wash your hands, distance yourself, wear masks and avoid large groups.
The San Juan de Farmington Regional Medical Center this week issued a ‘Crisis Standards of Care’ alert, meaning it would direct staff, space and supplies to deal with the ‘disaster. Of the coronavirus. The state and federal governments have deployed a total of 63 doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and other staff to assist the hospital.
“We’re packed,” said hospital spokesperson Laura Werbner. The hospital is at 129% of its capacity in its intensive care unit and 107% in the rest of the facility, Werbner said. It had around 75 patients positive for the coronavirus on November 1, down from around 55 on October 16.
In the seven days ending Thursday, the state’s health department reported 7,137 new cases of coronavirus, up from 4,970 during the same period last month and 699 during the same period in June.
Parajon and Johnson said the delta variant of the disease, which began to dominate in late spring and summer, is another factor that is pushing the numbers up. The variant is much more contagious than the strain that came before it, Johnson said, and creates high viral loads that increase the chances of the patient suffering from symptoms and passing them on to others.
Parajon said this was not a crisis that medical professionals can get out of society. “It’s about bringing our community together,” she said. “It’s not something we can do on our own. “


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