COVID-19: Girl Fears Her “Terrified” Father, 41, “Trapped in His Own Body” After Contracting Coronavirus

COVID-19: Girl Fears Her “Terrified” Father, 41, “Trapped in His Own Body” After Contracting Coronavirus

The daughter of a 41-year-old man who is fighting for his life after contracting COVID fears her father will know he is ‘trapped in his own body’ – and doctors have warned the family to prepare for the worse.

James Grayson, father of eight, is in a coma and on life support after becoming seriously ill with coronavirus in October.

Her daughter Ebonnie told Sky News she feared her father was “terrified” and her family “absolutely heartbroken” after scans showed her lungs continued to deteriorate.

James Grayson pictured with his wife Becky

Ms Grayson, 21, said the complications her father has faced since catching the virus – including a stroke and a collapsed lung – “wreaked havoc on his body.”

“Even with the best efforts of the doctors, it still isn’t improving,” she told Sky News.

“We are all heartbroken. My father is the head of our family. He’s such a strong man. He’s the best of fathers. He supports us so much. He takes care of all of us.

“It’s just the worst thing that can happen.

“He’s only literally alive now because of the machines he’s on. If he wasn’t there, he would have died. “

Mr Grayson, from Frimley in Surrey, believed he was suffering from the flu when he suddenly collapsed at his home on October 19, his daughter said.

The grandfather of five, who works as a carpenter and window installer, was transported to hospital by ambulance where he was confirmed to have contracted COVID.

Mr Grayson has been on life support since October

A day later, after his condition rapidly deteriorated, he was placed in an induced coma and put on life support.

Mr Grayson, whose youngest child is only nine, had no underlying health conditions and had received a dose of the COVID vaccine before falling ill with the virus, his daughter said.

While in hospital, he suffered a stroke and had to deal with other complications, including collapsed lung, sepsis, blood clots and pneumonia, she added.

Mr Grayson’s family are currently allowed to visit her in intensive care at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, but she must wear full PPE, her daughter said.

Mr. Grayson (L) pictured with actor Warwick Davis

“(The doctors) said to prepare us now because he’s not getting any better,” Ms Grayson told Sky News.

“His lungs are still deteriorating.

“It’s traumatic. All we can do is hold his hand and talk to him.

“His heart rate goes up when we’re there with him. I think he can sense that we are there.

“If he has any awareness, he must be absolutely terrified – trapped in his own body. “

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Ms Grayson, who has two young children, said her family is now preparing for a rough Christmas.

“My dad loves Christmas,” she said. “Every Christmas my father did all the cooking. He made everything so special. He would make a big deal out of it.

“My little brothers are only nine and ten years old – they are so small. Without their father, they are really very depressed. They are so sad.

“Christmas will not be the same for any of us this year.

“In a way, we are mourning someone who is still alive. “

The family has set up a Go to the Fund me page and pledged to donate a quarter of the money donated to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.


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