Court rejects union’s request to block TTC vaccine mandate – .

Court rejects union’s request to block TTC vaccine mandate – .

The Ontario Superior Court on Saturday dismissed a request by the largest union in the Toronto Transit Commission to stop the transportation agency from enforcing its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.
ATU Local 113, which represents nearly 12,000 TTC employees, sought an injunction after the agency announced in September that workers who are not vaccinated or who have not communicated their status vaccination to November 20 will be put on unpaid leave until they are vaccinated. Those who fail to comply by Dec. 31 will be fired, according to the policy.

The next phase of the vaccination policy will go into effect as scheduled tomorrow, November 21, the TTC said in a statement following the decision.

The union “disappointed” by the decision

“We are very disappointed with the court’s decision to reject our request to suspend the operation of the TTC’s compulsory vaccination policy,” ATU Local 113 president Carlos Santos said in a statement.

“We believe the TTC’s policy of suspending and firing unvaccinated workers is unfair and will be overturned in arbitration. While I had hoped that the tribunal would put an end to this policy while we were fighting in arbitration, I am convinced that we will win in the end. ”

Santos said the fight was not about vaccinations, but “defending rights and saving jobs while protecting public health.”

He suggested that the TTC implement regular testing on unvaccinated workers, rather than sacking them.

90% of employees vaccinated: TTC

TTC CEO Rick Leary said keeping employees and customers safe is the reason TTC introduced the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy in September.

“From the moment an employee enters TTC property, it is our duty to do everything in our power to ensure their safety,” Leary said in a statement.

To date, about 90 percent of the agency’s 15,061 active employees have shared their COVID-19 vaccination status, according to figures provided by the TTC.

The TTC said it has organized 61 vaccination clinics for employees and customers to date, and nearly 9,500 vaccines have been administered at these clinics.

“I would like to thank all of the employees who have complied with the policy and I would like to thank all of our customers for their support. Together we will make it happen, ”said Leary.


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