Cleo Smith tells police ‘woman brushed her hair and dressed her’ after kidnapping – World News – .

Cleo Smith tells police ‘woman brushed her hair and dressed her’ after kidnapping – World News – .

Cleo Smith told police there was a mysterious woman who “helped her dress and brush her hair” while she was captive, it is said.
Police raided the home of Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, in the early hours of last Wednesday, where they found four-year-old Cleo alive two weeks after her disappearance in Australia.

Initially, police said they were not looking for anyone else in relation to the kidnapping of the youth from the Blowholes campsite, located about 50 miles from Kelly’s house in Carnarvon.

But it appears that interviews with Cleo by detectives have led them to examine the possibility of a woman being involved and they are launching a public appeal for information.

Police are investigating whether there was a woman who visited the house where Cleo was being held, according to Daily Mail sources.

Cleo was found safe and sound last Wednesday after 18 days in captivity

Terence Darrell Kelly transferred from Carnarvon to maximum security prison in Perth


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It is alleged that Cleo told detectives that a woman had helped her dress him and brush his hair.

Kelly has been transferred from Carnarvon to a maximum security prison in Perth, where he is due to appear in court again in the coming weeks.

But now attention has returned to Carnarvon to investigate an accomplice who participated in forensic testing at Kelly’s home, it has been reported.

Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine has so far refused to shed light on the possibility, but said police had “more work to do”.

He said: “Our goal this week is to determine if there was anyone else involved. That’s why we’re still here.

Boxes and bags were removed from Kelly’s home, including some containing Bratz dolls, it is claimed.

“So we are simply asking that if there was anyone who had contact with Mr. Kelly, if you saw him, if you met him, if you spoke to him on the phone during the relevant period. to make yourself known to the police. ”

Police spent their sixth day at the home where Cleo was found on Monday, combing through the evidence, Mail Online reports.

Boxes and bags were removed from Kelly’s house, including “Bratz” dolls – with this it was claimed the house had a room full of toys.

Specialized officers have questioned Cleo about what happened during the 18 days of captivity and it could take several weeks.

The Western Australia Police Child Abuse Team is reported to limit her to 20-minute sessions to ensure she stays as relaxed as possible.

The process involves the use of non-threatening questions such as what she liked and disliked about her experience and in the format of a conversation.

Criminologist and psychologist Dr Michelle Noon recently told The West Live daily television show that the value of child witness testimonies should not be underestimated.

“Children are great tellers of the truth, so children are often fantastic witnesses because they are very, very attached to the truth and they are very attached to the facts,” said Dr Noon.

He said it is important to establish a relationship with the child first.

“We can even sit down, if they feel comfortable, side by side with them while they draw something and we’ll have a general conversation with them,” he explained.

Police had warned Cleo’s parents to wait until child abuse detectives questioned their daughter before talking about what happened with her.

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