Canadiens vs Canucks Six-Minute Top: The New Era Begins With Loss

Canadiens vs Canucks Six-Minute Top: The New Era Begins With Loss

Pre-game reflections

  • How long before there is a “Fire Benning” sign in the crowd?
  • Oh … there is already one
  • First game of the Jeff Gorton era, and the luck for the first winning streak of the season
  • I’m feeling unusually calm about the Habs for the first time in a long time, have fun!

First period

  • Is the Canucks’ defense worse than the Habs?
  • Michael Pezzetta brings this wild energy, and I have to say I’m all about it.
  • Damn, it’s nice to enjoy a quick whistle like that, even though David Savard made a really awesome kick save as well.
  • Please also get some shots on opposing goalkeeper Habs.
  • Or take a penalty.
  • And give up a power-play goal.
  • Some say the Canadiens are still rolling the puck along the blue line to this day, and other legends say that one day soon the team will be shooting that puck.
  • Jeff Petry throwing a pro-wrestling forearm thrill at Bo Horvat’s rules though.
  • Oh baby, that Mattias Norlinder mini rush was gorgeous, more of that aggressive kid!
  • I think Ryan Poehling is staying a bit in Montreal, good feed from Jonathan Drouin to tie the match!
  • All things considered, this period ending in a tie is a bright spot in my book.

Second period

  • Well, the start of this period looks much better than the last.
  • Ben Chiarot being a creative presence in the offensive zone is a wild sight to behold.
  • It’s a lot less enjoyable now, I think it’s time to call the game coach ‘scoring a goal’.
  • I meant for the Habs!
  • What a nasty turnaround from Josh Anderson who seems to have cut his brain for a moment.
  • My current thinking is that Jake Allen is grossly underpaid.
  • Not a bad Norlinder and Caufield lag, more of that please!
  • Oh Dvo, buddy, this is a tough dud.
  • What a pass and what luck from Caufield and Drouin!
  • Well, win the third period, right?

Third period

  • What are the odds that this power play will do something positive?
  • Holy shit, how is the Canucks penalty so bad?
  • It was unsurprisingly catastrophic.
  • And then they shoot a penalty, I don’t like that at all, my friends!
  • Hey, they killed this one!
  • Jake Allen remains once again the brightest player in the Habs at the moment.
  • Oh no another power play.
  • At least the puck stayed in the zone for most of it!
  • More Sami Niku please the Finn keeps showing me flashes of things I love.
  • Oh poor poor Ben Chiarot.
  • Who told Thatcher Demko that he has the right to be this good?
  • This game was sort of exactly what I expected, and still bitterly disappointing.
  • Godspeed Jeff Gorton, you’re gonna take a hell of a ride.

EOTP 3 stars

3) In a few games, it will officially be mid-season. So there is that.

2) This is what I would do if I actively tried not to score goals

1) It’s the feeling


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