Brown Rapid Reactions – University of North Carolina Athletics – .

Brown Rapid Reactions – University of North Carolina Athletics – .

by Adam Lucas1. A little closer than expected, but still a win. Brown played really well, but Carolina played just well enough to win, escaping with a 94-87 win that was much closer than the score indicated.

2. Thank God for Rj davis. The second was electric, racking up 26 points, a career-high, including six three-point, a career-high. Davis’ last three trikes were critical, as he hit one to give Carolina the lead with seven minutes left, then pierced two more with less than two minutes to go. By the time there were 27.1 seconds left and Carolina had a six-point lead, the crowd was chanting her name. Davis also led the team in assists with six.

3. The Davis Perimeter Explosion somewhat eclipsed a stellar effort of Armando Bacot, who kept Carolina close for much of the game. Brown eventually resorted to Bacot’s double-team, who did an efficient job of evacuating the double-team (including the one that led to one of Davis’ last three-pointers). Bacot finished with 22 points and ten rebounds.

4. There was rightly some concern about Carolina’s offensive rebound after Game 1 of the season. The Tar Heels did a better job in that category on Friday, grabbing 13 offensive rebounds on 30 missed shots and holding a 19-9 advantage in second chance points.

5. Hubert davis‘rotations continue to take shape. Styles Dontrez made an appearance in the first half on Friday, playing three minutes mostly without incident. Then the rotation got very tight in the second half as the game remained tight. Six players – Bacot, Davis, Caleb Amour, Brady Manek, Dawson Garcia and Leaky black– played most of the minutes of the second half. Love won’t get much attention, but was effective in defense in the second half when Carolina pushed.

6. Thank goodness for the good three point shot (we couldn’t say that for a long time). The Tar Heels hit nine of 21 three-pointers, 43 percent, and it was an in-game difference.

7. It is also part of learning Davis’ strategies: what will he do when a player commits two faults in the first half? When it happened to Leaky black With 5:08 pm left in the game, Davis put Black on the bench, but then reinserted him about nine minutes later.

8. Carolina’s defensive pressure wasn’t strong enough in the first half and the Bears were excellent at dealing with the basketball. Brown only had one turnaround in the first 20 minutes and used his effective offense to score a surprising 50 points during that span.

9. Hubert davis is officially Tar Heel’s head coach now as he got to experience his first ‘crowd whispering Tar Heels need a time out’ moment in the first half. Davis called for a time out with 4:42 left in the first half, with Brown leading 41-34. After the stoppage, Carolina reduced the deficit by four points before halftime.

10. The son of the former assistant coach of Tar Heel Doug Wojcik, Paxson Wojcik, certainly made an impression in many ways upon his return to the Smith Center. Wojcik played really well and also made sure to let everyone know that. Wojcik scored four points in the second half.

11. As you may have noticed, one element of last year’s unusual season remains: Atlantic Coast Conference coaches voted to retain last year’s coaching apparel selection, made up of sweaters and polo shirts. It’s a league-wide pick, not a Hubert davis decision, and that will be the case all season.

12. As you’ve probably noticed, the Tar Heels wore special camo shooting shirts in recognition of Veterans Day, with the coaches wearing military green polo shirts. Polo shirts are for staff only, but shooting shirts are available online now.


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